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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We thank Nicholas Jennings for this gem – yes, there was a great flood in Ipoh in 1919!

I’m sure some of you recognise the street and the famous white building in the background.

  1. Jacob says:

    i believe we all going to experience this flooding scene very soon. Nowadays whenever it rains, our streets become small rivers. thanks for the unplanned development and awful draining systems. please take some action our beloved DBI….

  2. UV@Valiant Knight says:

    You have to thank the Mayor who dug up all the grass on the curb, central divide and islands and replaaced them with the brickworks! If I am not mistaken, I think it was the Mayor who loved cycling! He was replaced fast enough, had it not been so, Ipoh would look like the picture above already!

  3. Peter Wang says:

    When I was a kid I used to live in Birch Street (now Jalan Dato Osman IIANM) just a stone’s throw from the Old Town market.

    I remember buying a conjuring set from a saleslady at Whiteaway and in my innocence, asked for a discount, to which said lady asked, “Did I say you could get a discount?”

    Many years later, Malayan Banking Berhad would have a branch in the premises and I vaguely remember seeing a former ACS classmate who in all likelihood became branch manager though I did not approach him for his stern demeanour.

    Eventually MBB moved out into their own building right next to the river bank, perhaps at the other end of lawyers’ row Hale Street but I do know its current name.

  4. Cyrus Loh says:

    I believe this is Jalan Dato’ Maharajalela. My office is just opposite Miner’s Arms Cafe which is now no more. Its amazing to look back at the building after so many years.

  5. S.Y. Lee says:

    Peter Wang, Hale Street is now known as Jalan Tun Sambanthan. For your info, the building where Whiteaways was still belongs to Malayan Banking Berhad. I understand they use it as a store.

  6. felicia says:

    Hi SY Lee. since Whiteaways is still in use (even if it’s just for storage), we hope the building is being maintained and not rotting from the inside….

  7. LMS136 says:

    Other than the unique design of the lamp post and the level of the flood water, there is really nothing to suggest that the year was 1919.

    The name “Laidlaw” seems subsidiary in size to “Whiteaway”. of course this is an optical illusion. But
    it might just as well be “Laid Low” – at least for the duration until the flood water subsided.

  8. ika says:

    The building is still there but Whiteaways has long since left Ipoh. I shall try and get out this weekend to take a photo.

  9. Karu says:

    During the late 70’s and 80’s the building which was occupied by the Whiteways were used by Malayan Bank as their headquarters……
    now it is just empty.

  10. rahmah hassan says:

    georgetown dispensary was once there…once i was walking along this block while reading a magazine with my hand bag stapped across , heard foot steps from behind , turned and this man was already pulling my gold chain..ha ha. for a moment we were both trying to pull the chain from each other and he finally gave up and took off..later i realized my neck was bleeding from the bruise…my mistake lah, i was so careless , right..walking and reading a magazine equals looking for trouble…my last trip to my hometown , notice F M s bar no more…the door like a saloon in cow boy movies…

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