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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

A special thanks to Jeremy (a.k.a. Paloh Chai) for these pictures.

Yes, folks…..this was what Panglima Lane (or Concubine Lane, as some Ipoh-natives call it!) looked like a year ago. 😉

  1. IpohBoy says:

    I do have some of the photos there too whenever I go back, but of course it’s no DSLR quality so is it ok to share? If yes, how do I do it?

  2. IpohBoy says:

    I remember every detail on the lane vividly as I used to spent my childhood there…how all the kids will come out and play during the evening and the crowds during the CNY….those were the days….

  3. S.Sundralingam says:

    Every time I look at this lane, I am transported to the past. In fact, this lane is one of the most unique narrow streets in Old Town Ipoh. These buildings were built long before building/road codes were introduced, even longer before all of our state councillors and executives were born.

    Anyway… what’s happening to our “Visit Perak Year 2012″? Sometimes back, if I could recall, the state’s Executive Councillor for Tourism Dato Hamidah Osman had announced the theme for the VPY was ” Green Tourism. Yours To Discover. Nature and Heritage. Heritage is my catch word, she too declared that a sum of RM 300,000 be allocated for upgrading the Panglima Lane. What’s happening to this heritage site? Can the State Councillors respond to this?

  4. felicia says:

    Sundra, i was about to ask the SAME question! yes, what indeed has happened to the RM 300,000 for upgrading Panglima Lane? last i saw, this lane was sealed off and part of it were already crumbling……

  5. S.Sundralingam says:

    I think the heritage site for tourism in Perak is still a question. VPY 2012 is just a couple of weeks away, and what is the State Tourism Council doing to help promote our heritage tourism? I know the Council have checked on 10 Tourist Icons of Perak, that’s fine but what about this 120 years old lane? Or is it that the Council’s perception that heritage properties are privately owned and its not the State’s responsibility?

    Heritage properties like the shop houses along Panglima Lane have heritage values that belongs to all of us in Ipoh. Thus, if VPY 2012 is not going to promote heritage tourism and Panglima Lane for the benefit of tourism, I choose to rest my case.

  6. Adr1970 says:

    I’m afraid neglect on all quarters caused this situation. The owners for failing in maintenance (they did manage to keep it up for 120 years though) and the state government for not putting an effort to help or protect a historical site. Too little, too late. Enough of the finger pointing and accusations.
    How are they going to restore a 120-year old heritage with 21st century bricks and mortar? Ask any engineer and he will tell you any foundation work would bring down the rest of the block. It is structurally unsafe as it is now.

    A decision has to be made and it is not something someone would want to do. To restore until the next collapse? To demolish and rebuild for long term but lose the heritage status? Isn’t is sad when we lose a historical site due to complacency.

  7. ika says:

    After very expensive professional studies by an international company, paid for by the State (you and me) they came up with the slogan “Perak Tourism – Nature and Heritage”. So what are they doing about the heritage bit? Nothing?

  8. Jeremy@Palohchai says:

    When I took these pic last year, I thought Perak Gov was giving a chance to Panglima Lane. Hearing the announcement made not long ago about pumping money into refurbishment of this lovely lane, I think it has gone down to rubbish. We are losing Panglima Lane for sure, and I’ve no doubt in that. Only time will tell. We are losing Kepayang now (thou it has remained unnoticed until recent news about it’s soon-to-be demolish). Slowly but surely, we’ll lose Papan as well… My condolence to all heritage buildings in Ipoh/Kinta.

  9. Brewster63 says:

    People,people, we are only concerned about the PRESENT not the past. That’s why we have the New Economic Policy and now the NEM . All NEW lah! Malaysia and its people came from Stones not the Past!! We can even rewrite History! Malaysia Boleh mah, semua pun Boleh as long as it benefits me

  10. munwei says:

    Just stumbled across this post. Panglima Lane is very charming indeed. There’s been some development there recently. Some of the houses have been or are being renovated. Hope the proprietors would take care to maintain and restore and bank in on the building’s old world charm instead of constructing something that would stick out like a sore thumb.

    Another aspect of Panglima Lane which adds to its charm I think are how some of the houses are still occupied as homes and you could hear the clatter of mahjong tiles, old folks chattering and birds chirping from those cages hung on high poles. Hope this aspect would stay in time to come.

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