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  1. Val says:

    I think I remember this park; is it somewhere along Gopeng Road, at a junction with another road, the name of which I cannot recall.

  2. Ismail says:

    Taman ini selang 2 buah rumah dari rumah saya…dulu ditengah-tengah antara jalan gopeng dan jalan kampar..Dalam Tahun 90an..di ubahsuai jadi taman TNB..Masa taman TNB ada air terjun tiruan dan rumah Perak(kutai)serta lampu-lampu berwarna warni..Sekarang tinggal bahagian hujung sahaja sebagai kenangan…:)

  3. hwUS says:

    This was where Jalan Gopeng (Hugh Low Street) and Jalan Kampar meet up to be the highway to Kampar and points south and beyond (if I am not mistaken.) It used to be frequented by courting couples at night. Across the road on the right hand side ( as you look at the picture) was a Chinese cemetery. So sad to note that it has been sacrificed for “progress.” Just another case of Ipoh’s ignorant council members’ mentality.

  4. rosebud says:

    The road infront leads to the big fountain & the one on the left is Kampar Rd leading towards MGS. Lat in one of his cartoons has ever drawn this place to be full of ‘kereta rosak’ at night.

  5. Mano says:

    This is the park my dad used to bring my sister and I on our drives when we were in New Pasir Puteh which would have been not later than 1963. I remember distinctly climbing up those alphabets!
    On the left (not in picture) at the junction of Kampar and Gopeng road used to be the NEB substation building. Back then it was either the Perak River Hydro or Kinta Electric Distributors.

  6. Sybil says:

    The Ng family (Kwan Loong Medicated Oil) used to live just across the park before they moved to Tambun Road and I remembered going there with the their daughter to play on the see-saws and swings in the park. In those days when one came from the airport, once would pass Tiger Lane on the left before coming to this fork, where one side of the road becomes Gopeng Road and the other side Kampar Road.

  7. Charlie says:

    A bit of the “Park” still remains, but the rest had to give way for the construction of the FMS junction. Several attempts were made to landscape and green the parts underneath the flyover, but it seems not to have been done very well. Anyway one cannot visit this “Park” anymore as the traffic around this area is non stop and there are no parking areas.

  8. Lam Lai Meng says:

    Yes, I remember this park. It was at the fork of Gopeng Road and kampar Road. My siblings and neighbourhood friends living in the Cavendish Lane area nearby used to frequent it. We loved running up and down those huge letters of the alphabet. There was a wooden bridge over a tiny stream that drained into the Pinji River. This stream ran under Kampar Road, with the TNB substation nearby. We kids used to catch fish and tadpoles in this stream. Opposite the park, off Gopeng Road, was the Salvation Army kindergarten which I attended and a shelter for underprivileged kids. The kindergarten teachers would bring us to play in the park occasionally. There were swings,see saws, monkey bars and a climbing frame right in the centre.

  9. Alan y says:

    Hi llm, re 13.
    Used to meet a friend at this exact same spot in mid n early 60’s. Rather coincidental that his last name was also Lam (the late Major john lam, ex rangers battalion). At that time he was at fmc, n when he balik kampung, this was a ideal mtg area. His family lived near the well known Chong sam(?) tin mine offices, off kampar road and I was living in canning.
    Sad that I did not keep in touch with him, but happy that this article brought back good memories!

  10. Ipohgirl61 says:

    My parents used to bring me there in the Sixties in the evenings since I was a toddler. I would run barefooted in the lovely grass or crash down the slope with IPOH across. These were the first alphabets I learnt. I remember rolling down the slope, squealing in delight as my mom told me off!

    The pretty stream and casuarinas, the monkey bars and swings. The pines from the casuarinas poked my feet, and I can still remember the sensation to this day.

    Everytime I return to Ipoh, I would take a good look at this playground of my childhood, and lament the transformation. Thanks for the photo, it brings back so many memories.

  11. Ipohgirl61 says:

    I forgot to mention the row of lovely jacaranda trees at both sides of Gopeng Road. These provided not just shade, but turned Gopeng Road a vivid purple when they flowered. The tree with the Y shape trunk next to the metal road barrier is one, I do remmber picking the flowers and seeds to play.

    Further down the road towards Gunung Rapat and the Mercedes sign at the iconic limestone crop, the road was lined with giant angsanas and yellow flowered trees whose flowers would carpet the road twice a year. I rememebr the scent of the angsana flowers as I cycled through Gopeng Road. ALL the trees are gone now…….does anybody have any shots of Gopeng Road from the fountain in town to the junction to the airport?

  12. diana_ivy says:

    this park is like an island park between two main roads. across the road is a chinese cemetary. I used to admire the park when I passed it but never stopped because don’t know where to park.

  13. David T says:

    We lived in Cavindish avenue from 1962 to 1965. Our neighbours where the Goughs. We were forever playing games. Used to visit the park, and roll downtown that slope. School was SMI. What lovely memories.

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