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Special thanks to our donors – Janet Ferguson & Nellie Cumming – for the following picture. Somewhere in the above photograph is Nellie Cumming, who was a student at Anglo Chinese Girls’ School (ACGS). Nellie did her Std VII back in 1949….what about you? Are YOU one of the girls in this picture?

  1. ONG HOCK SIEW says:

    I instructed the 1st company MGS FROM 1966-1969. It was really interesting as I was the only make instructor with Chin Fook Leong and Lee Khoon Ming.

    Mrs Chan the State Commissioner did not allow guys to instruct but made an exception with us.

    Miss Ng ewas the teacher in charge and I remember names like hew ah Len, sweet Imm, khing teng, poh Kee, poh Shan, Leong fee Sim, Leong fee set, etc

    We had great times

  2. sk says:

    Hi Ong Hock Siew. Just noted your posting here. Yeah, you were the Jamboree expert. You wore a Jamboree like Red Indian Jacket with all the side frills and badges from all over the world. Are you still keeping the jacket.

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