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courtesy of: Veronica Wong

While sorting through our collection of photographs, artifacts, documents and such, sometimes we come across ‘mysterious’ things – such as this metal badge. Have you heard of the Crusader Magazine?

  1. Ngai C O says:


    Is there a coincidence here? Peter Ng who just posted, also told us about the Crusader Magazine published by the La Salle Schools, a few years back.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Ngai C O

    You have an amazing memory!

    I had to look for that previous comment by Peter Ng (posted in 2011):

    [In 1969] Bro. Anthony Cheung [was] the editor of ‘The Crusader’, a magazine sold throughout the Lasallian schools.

    All true.

    The dates on the badge, 1949-1974, are the years in which the magazine was published. Brother Anthony was not the founder; he was the last editor.

    felicia, the magazine was created in Penang by someone who had spent the war years in Taiping. If you want more information about this early history, I could write a paragraph or two.

    • felicia says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered,

      “If you want more information about this early history, I could write a paragraph or two.”

      By all means! Do share your thoughts 🙂

  3. Chuah TC says:

    I have a few copies of the Crusader myself stored somewhere around my house. The ones I have date between 1969 to around 1976, all edited by Bro Anthony Cheung, a La Salle Brother from Hong Kong. I can’t positively confirm but I think Bro Anthony was based in the La Salle Junior Training College (now the La Salle centre) while he was the editor.

    This is what Feb 2010 issue of The Gateway has to say about Bro Anthony Cheung’s involvement with the Crusader:

    It was at this time, 1966, that he also took over as Editor of
    the very popular magazine called the “Crusader”, later called
    the “Young Lasallian”, which made its way into classrooms in
    Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The magazine was full
    of interesting stories, jokes, advice and useful hints, magic
    tricks, quizzes, cartoons, news from around the Lasallian
    schools and a pen pals corner. He featured many articles on
    astronomy, one of his passions. These magazines opened up a vast network of friends all over the world and his pen pals pages became popular with many a teenager. The last issue of the “Young Lasallian” was that of April 1988.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Chuah,

      Thank you for sharing with us about the Crusader, which you said changed its name to Young La Sallian and now known as the Gateway.

      Following that, I have read a few interesting articles on the quarterly, which happens to be available online, the latest in February 2018.

      I also note a distinctive approach to the way the stories is presented. I suppose it is a style the magazine has adopted.

    • felicia says:

      Hi Chuah,
      If possible, could you shared those magazines with us? Sounds like it was a fun-filled and informative magazine.
      Should you not want to part with them, a scan would do too.

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