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I can’t help but wonder if the label was meant to say ‘lychee’ instead of ‘lichee’. But then again, I could be wrong…maybe ‘lichee’ was the type of leaf / herb added to the tea? I’m sure the Chinese tea lovers out there would know better 😉

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    The spelling in English can vary but the fruit is the same. Tea leaves are usually roasted after being picked. In this case, a South China specialty, the leaves are roasted gently with either whole fruit or pieces of peel. The tea is then brewed in the usual way. (Incidentally, this tea is one of my favourites.)

  2. felicia says:

    Hello Ipoh Remembered,
    That’s interesting. I didn’t know about roasting the fruit/peel together with the tea leaves.
    I supposed that’s how they produce flavoured-teas (tangerine, rose, lavender…etc.).

  3. sk says:

    Hi Felicia, Free Advertisement for Sunflower but in a way good. Brought awareness to this tea as I havent tasted it although Jasmine Tea has. Amazon selling for US$14.36 per lb. Maybe I look at the Chinese Tea Shop to see its availability. The brand is Golden Sail but the Box same with Sunflower.

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