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  1. sk says:

    Thanks Ipoh Remembered for the word – ” The Residency ” on the sign board. The person who wrote that must have come from the future . Usually this word is meant for a modern day condo or a holiday resort . A google search draws a blank. πŸ™‚

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear sk …

      The “Ipoh Residency circa 1905” that you found was the original Residency Cottage, built in the 1890s, Frank Swettenham’s time. It was located between Residency Road and the Kinta River, not far from Gunong Cheroh.

      The river has been moved somewhat since those days but Residency Road is more or less still there: it’s now called Jalan Istana because, after the British built a new Cottage in the 1920s and vacated the old site, it was turned into an istana.

      The new Cottage was located near the race-course and was accessible from Gopeng Road, which is the road shown in the photograph above.

      You can read more about the two Residency cottages here:


      On the same page, there are preceding comments by Charlie and Kamy Suria, well worth reading.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Chuah TC:

    Maybe it’s Wilkinson Road.

    That’s not a bad guess!

    It’s Gopeng Road, but thanks for reminding me about Wilkinson Road, which (as you say) was discussed here:


    There are a number of comments on that page. Question for felicia: Have those comments been included in the database? If so, please let me know where so I can take a look. (Thanks.)

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