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  1. Ngai C O says:

    Hi sk,

    If you google Bird’s Custard Powder on Wikipedia, it will tell us all about the powder.

    You can make custard two ways, either using egg, milk, and sugar with vanilla if you so choose. Egg being used to set the custard. This is the original version.

    Or use custard powder made from corn flour and add milk and sugar yourself. Corn flour being the setting agent. Hence egg free as it was branded and now only known as Bird’s Custard Powder.

        • sk says:

          Thanks Ngai CO for the Custard walk & Exploding custard.
          Could have some egg properties as I put a hard boiled egg covered with a ceramic bowl into a microwave and it exploded. Boom! The Custard manufacturer must have experienced the explosive effect to build a 3 inch thick metal door 🙂

            • HomesickforIpoh says:

              The egg yolk will explode inside the
              microwave. Even if you microwave it
              short enough time to let it not explode,
              when eating the egg, I saw it explode

              So this is what I learned.

              If you want to put an egg in the
              microwave, be sure to break the yolk into
              2 or 3 parts and you are fine.

              FYI, when I microwave a bowl of oatmeal mixed with water and a fresh egg, I make
              sure I stir the egg yolk partially and then
              it’s fine as I see the oatmean rise and boil
              via the glass window of microwave.

              If I don’t stir the yold enough, it will
              also explode.

              • sk says:

                Wrong, HomeSickforIpoh. The hard boiled egg exploded even it was into pieces. I bought 1 packet of Nasi Lemak with the usual toppings which included cut pieces of hard boiled egg. As I wanted a hot Nasi Lemak, I transfer the whole food into a ceramic bowl & put it at 3 minute Medium gauge. Booommm after 2 minute. The egg yolk splattered into a thousand smithereens.:) Wanna try ? ( Note: My microwave is an old machine that has only Low, Medium & High.)

          • felicia says:

            SK….if only you took a video of yourself putting the egg into the microwave :O
            Were you trying to experiment with something?

              • HomesickforIpoh says:

                Hi SK,
                Hi Sk,
                n regards my experience with microwaving an egg and the yolk exploded if I do not break it as in earlier response, it was my personal experience on how I made it not explode and I am not joking.
                I am trying to get a video of it for Ian to post it.
                This is what I did:.
                Put a table spoonful of raw oatmeal in a mid size bowl. Mix with three quarters cup of water.
                Crack a raw egg into the bowl and stir well.
                Then microwave for about 2 and a half minutes.
                The microwave I am using is a 1996 Sharp model with a rotary dial knob and a door with partial glass that you can see from outside.
                At about 2 minutes, I can see the oatmeal boiling and rising.
                Just when it is about to spill over, I take it out of the microwave.
                Then I let it cool for 1 minute, add condensed milk, stir and eat.
                And the egg does get cooked and never exploded when I eat it.

                You don’t have to agree with me but I am just sharing my experience and will get a video out to Ipohworld.”

                • sk says:

                  Hi HomesickforIpoh, Your microwave is as old as mine as it was a wedding gift. Yes, I believe you . I supposed if you break up the yolk, you would have broken the air bubbles inside the egg so it didnt explode.

    • felicia says:

      Hello Ngai.
      Egg+sugar+milk (and some vanilla) this is usually how I would make custard. But I’ve also tried Bird’s Custard Powder too.

      …and now I’m craving for some custard 😉 😀

      • Ngai C O says:

        Hi felicia,

        Original tastes better and the right way to go. My mum has it about twice weekly done to perfection or the cook receives a complaint.

        The last time I made it was over 40 years ago, probably long before you were born. HaHaHa.

        Now it is off the supermarket shelves. Don’t even bother with the Custard Powder.

        And sk,

        It must have taken you an awful lot of time to clean up for that one boiled egg that you so looked forward to but ended up in Boom. HaHaHa

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    Alfred Bird invented this product (pictured above) because his wife was allergic to eggs?

    For the benefit of his wife, Alfred Bird invented egg-free custard in 1837 and yeast-free baking powder in 1843.

    Whereas the product pictured above is egg substitute. It was invented in 1890 by Bird’s son, Alfred Junior, for use wherever an egg substitute was needed, not only in custard.

    What does it taste like?

    Well, it was edible enough, but I haven’t had it in decades — not knowingly, anyway!

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    You may recall that some months ago I sent in a one-page PDF file about George Bird, who helped build (among other things) early roads in Kinta District, including in Ipoh. He may have been related to Alfred Bird, the food chemist — both families had a branch or two in Australia — but I am not sure. If I confirm anything I will let you know.

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