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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

December 2020

Of concerts and dramas…

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The press cutting from the Japanese single sheet propaganda paper the Perak Shimbun dated December 20 2604 (1944) speaks of tickets which are on sale for the popular patriotic play, โ€œOh Chinta Yang Chantekโ€ (โ€œO Beautiful Loveโ€) which was to be staged by Sri Arjuna Bungsawan at Kyoto (ex The Capitol Theatre) in aid of the Indian Welfare Fund. Selected members of the Indian National Army will also participate in the play which is expected to draw bumper crowds. Seats may be booked in advance by getting in touch with the IIL Ipoh.

With all the restrictions on mass gatherings and such, when was the last time you attended a live show? ๐Ÿ™‚


Much ado about Bovril

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There’s Marmite. There’s Vegemite. Then there’s Bovril. Flavour enhancer, sauce, marinade…etc. Oh, so many uses!

Which is YOUR favourite? (Someone once mentioned Marmite on toast   ๐Ÿ˜‰   )

Planning a local staycation?

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Yes, staycation is a word ๐Ÿ™‚ It means “a vacation spent at home or nearby”. Well, now that you know what a staycation is….where do you plan to spend the coming holidays? Here’s an idea (ref. to picture above); why not do what the Jennings’ did?

In the above picture, J A S Jennings and his wife Freda are taking time-off at Rosedale –  their cottage at Kledang Hill Station that they used on weekends and holidays. Ok, ok…so maybe you don’t own a cottage. But I’m sure there are some places near your town that offer a weekend getaway?

What’s brewing?

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Rake from a tin mine? That’s what I thought…at first. But it’s not dirt nor tin ore that’s stuck on this rake.

And no, this man is not raking coal. In fact, he’s in the midst of roasting coffee beans. Read more here.

Teluk Anson, 1934

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These photos (courtesy of Ruth Iversen Rollitt) show shop houses in Teluk Anson. Any Teluk Anson (now Teluk Intan) folks reading this? Any idea what business occupied this premise? 

The Gandhiji Memorial

By |2020-12-02T16:11:03+08:00December 2nd, 2020|Categories: Identify Photographs|

According to this Malaya Tribune article, published on 27th February 1948, a public meeting of all the communities was held at Kampar Recreation Club on Monday March 1st – to consider a fitting memorial to the memory of Mahatmaji. 

Anyone know what was the outcome of the meeting? Was there a memorial eventually?

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