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October 2017

“Kinta in Ipoh”

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kinta in ipoh


That’s what the caption of the photograph said. This is a rather interesting view of the Kinta River, with the houses on both sides of the bank. If you squint, you can see the bridge too. Which bridge this is, your guess is as good as mine 😉 Special thanks to the National Archives, UK, for this photograph.


UPDATE: We believe that the bridge in the background was the once wooden structure of the Hugh Low Bridge; therefore the village shown was most likely Kampong Laxamana.

April 2011

December 2010

News from the Bridge

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A watch tower? Or maybe (yet) another clock tower? I’m sure you’ve noticed this tower, which is still under construction. The question is: Why? We’re clueless ourselves – why build, not 1 but 4, towers along the Hugh Low Bridge? If you have more information on this project, do let us know!

October 2010

The Famous Arch, over the Hugh Low Bridge

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This arch was set up over the Hugh Low Bridge, in Ipoh, somewhere in 1947. This was before the grand parade – which was held in support of the Kuomintang Party (led by General Chiang Kai Shek).

Notice the three flags at the top of the arch: the Perak Flag, the Kuomintang Flag and the Union Jack. To what we know, this parade was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Assembly Hall members and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

How many of you out there remember this arch? Anyone witnessed the parade, or maybe took part in this parade?

March 2010

July 2009

Centre Of Attraction

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The 11th Independent Field Squadron Royal Engineers was building a bridge in a kampung, in 1958, as one of their Malayan Emergency operations in Taiping. The villagers were looking on curiously, wondering what was going on.

Nothing has changed in 50 years – Malaysians still love to watch what is happening, particularly road traffic accidents of which we have far too many.

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