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June 2013

St Michael’s Church, 1950s

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john macauley003c

For those of you who’ve already guessed this building, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Yes, this is none other than St Michael’s church – which is along Brewster Road, behind the former Odeon Cinema. What I’d like to point out is the road leading towards the church itself. Notice how it seems almost flat! For those who are familiar with this church would know that the present road slopes upwards. Also notice that there is no wall surrounding the cemetery. Anyone know WHEN these changes happened?

This picture is from John McAuley’s collection.

May 2012

Some Good News!

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I received the following picture and message by enail. I know many of you tried to help Nicholas find his grandfather’s grave. Well done everybody particularlu Law Siak Hong who did a great service for Nicholas and his family.

Dear Ian:

Some good news. Thanks to Siak Hong Law, my grandfather’s tombstone was not only located but restored. Hong, who I met through IpohWorld, very kindly arranged to have the stone’s inscription re-painted, so that it is now perfectly legible. Time and weather had almost completely washed away the lettering. After meeting great resistance from the cemetery’s owners, Hong, through much persistence, was finally able to convince them that this was a job worth doing.

Not sure if you’d like to post the attached photo taken by Hong, but if you do you can tell readers that the grave and its refurbished stone can be found at the Christian Cemetery on Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (formerly Connolly Road). The cemetery is west of the railway line; east of the line is the Anglo-Chinese School.

And to think that all of this was made possible thanks to IpohWorld! Thank you.

Best, Nicholas

Nicholas Jennings

April 2010

Remembering the Fallen Heroes

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In the month of June 2010, the Warriors’ Association, Kinta , Perak is organising a number of events in remembrance of those heroes who fell in defence of freedom and democracy. In chronological order they are:

Friday 11th June, 8:45 to 10:15am, Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph, Ipoh (opposite the railway station).

Saturday 12th June, 10:30am, Memorial Service for the Gurkhas that fell during the Malayan Emergency, at their cemetery in the 2nd Royal Rangers Regiment Camp, Kem Syed Putra, Tambun Road, Ipoh.

Saturday 12th June, 7:30pm, Troops Night Programme at the Royal Perak Golf Club, Ipoh.

Sunday 13th June, 9:00 to 11:00am, Remembrance service for those who gave their lives in the Battle of Kampar against the invading Japanese in WW2, at Khalsa Diwan Malaysia, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Ipoh.

Those who are interested in attending these functions may get further information from:

+6012 235 2557 (R. T. Pillay), email: rtpmani@streamyx.com

+6012 555 5585 (R. T. Pillay), email: prproject.kt@gmail.com

+605 527 6636 (Home)

Website: http://www.tpillay.com

IpohWorld Admin note: Please do not forget that the Malaysian Palm Oil Association, MPOA, will also be running their annual Commemorative Ceremony at God’s Little Acre, Batu Gajah on Saturday 12th June 2010 at 7:30am. This cemetery is the resting place of many of the expatriates who lost their lives during the Malayan Emergency (1948 to 1960). For those who also wish to honour the Gurkhas, there is plenty of time to attend both ceremonies. Details may be obtained from MPOA at +605 254 9582.

See you there!

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