Brushing up on history…

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The history-buffs out there would know this fact: that King Edward VIII ascended the throne of England in January 1936, after his father George V passed away. However, in November that same year, there was “a constitutional crisis” when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson (a divorcee). Eventually on 11 December, Edward abdicated; and his brother Albert succeeded him, taking the name George VI. (more can be found here)

Times of Malaya 1936

As seen in the main title British Popular Opinion Veers Towards King, this front page highlights the meeting between Prime Minister Baldwin and Britain’s ministers, as well as statements from Churchill, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs Simpson herself; all these happened before the actual abdication.

The picture we have here (sent to us by Nicholas Jennings) is the front page of the Times of Malay, dating back to 7 December 1936 – four days after the death of the Times’ Editor – J A S Jennings. We thank Nicholas for this historic piece 🙂