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August 2016

Lessons In Progress…

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CHIJ classroom

Convent Girls, do you recall what your classroom looked like? Well, this was a typical classroom at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (or Main Convent) back in the late 1940s / early 1950s. We thank Marea Smith for sharing this nostalgic photograph with us. Looking forward to hearing from any CHIJ Alumni 🙂

October 2014

The New Science Lab!

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We received this from Daniel Doutriaux (part of a  series of photographs from an album). These are the girls from Batu Gajah Convent – excited as they explore the new science lab. The year was 1956….do you recognise any of them in the photo? (Or, maybe YOU are in there?) We’d love to hear from the Convent Alumni 😉

November 2012

The Main Convent Hockey Team

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Ko-chi Wai had this to say, when he sent us this picture:

Ipoh Main Convent XI Hockey Team 1960 – Photo of the Main Convent hockey team which my aunt (front row, 2nd from left) was part of, taken within the grounds of the school. It was marked as XI Hockey, 1960 at the back of the photo.

Well, Convent Girls….anyone of you in the picture? For those who were part of the hockey team, do you remember the teacher/coach?

September 2012

The Main Convent had a Kindergarten?

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Being an alumni of the Main Convent, Ipoh, I was surprised to note that there was once a kindergarten within the premises. Do any of the Convent alumni remember it? Is the building still there…or has it been converted into something else?

The above picture is from Dr Ho Tak Ming.

July 2012

March 2012

Tarcisian Convent, Ipoh

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Those liviing in and around Lim Gardens would be familiar with this school (see picture below).

Yes, it’s none other than Tarcisian Convent – which was yet another ‘sister school’ of the HIJ Convent.

We don’t have much about this school, so if anyone out there knows more we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re a former student/teacher; if so, do share your memories with us! 🙂

January 2012

A Day at the Waterfalls!

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IpohBornKid shared this little story with us through email. Here’s his take on a memorable outing. Happy reading 🙂


Convent Girls by demand – at Kledang Hill


Many teenagers walked up the Kledang Hill in the 1950s (see previous blog).  It was a good natural outing where a big group of Menglembu neighbours and their Ipoh friends would joined in for a group picnic, exercise, dancing and friendship.  Food and sandwiches were locally prepared at home (not bought) and they would be taken uphill by strong young men (or those who wish to impress the girls how strong they were).    Most of them would be in their junior high school (Form i to III) with some in Form Iv and V.  My friend Captain (or Major in the Malaysian Army) Teoh Hoot Aun, an ex-Ipoh ACS boy and queen scout, would be one of the leaders. He  has probably retired by how.  Yes, he did married a Convent girl.   I was only junior but had an eye on all my elder sisters’ classmates. 

Here is a group photo of convent girls, some from Falim and Ipoh who ascended the Kledang Hill for a picnic dance.  This group of people were very keen to learn modern dances (cha cha & the rest) and they used to go to Ipoh YMCA or YWCA on Saturday nights. I can name a few, viz. Poh Yin, Soni, Yoke Fong and hope your readers might be able to identify themselves or others.  The location was the first waterfall in Kledang Hill (note the water rushing out of the bridge tunnel.  Happy Memories.



December 2010

November 2010


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Calling ALL Convent-Alumni!!!

As stated in the flyer, there will be a Christmas Party on 11th December 2010, organised by the Convent Old Girls Association (COGA). This party will be at the Convent Primary Hall, from 4 pm till 7 pm. Besides good food and some fun games, this is a chance to revisit your dear alma mater; maybe even a time to catch up on the latest! We were also told that Convent’s very own band – Tradimode – will be performing too.

Those interested may contact Florina Ng, the Convent Music Teacher. Start marking your diaries, girls!!

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