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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

July 2013

Vendors Outside the Cinema

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john macauley005a

We thank John McAuley – who was once part of the British Military serving in Malaya, back in the 1950s – for this photograph. Yes, folks it’s none other than the Majestic Cinema :). Although it doesn’t show up clearly, but if you zoom in you can actually see some vendors just outside the entrance of the cinema. Anyone remember them? What did they sell?

December 2012

Can You See It?

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Some may call it artistic…some might say it’s just a badly angled photograph. But if you look closely, you will notice a fountain in the middle of a roundabout. Familiar? To those who are still squinting, this is none other than the Chamberlain Road Fountain ­čÖé

We thank Ko-chi Wai for this 1963 picture.

July 2011

Jalan Bendahara, circa 1972….

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You know the Sri Maju bus station? Well, this was what the main building looked like before the bus company took over (see picture below).

To what we know, this mansion was once the family home of Dato’ Yeoh Kian Teik (Michelle Yeoh’s father).

We thank Ian Latham for sending us this picture ­čÖé

May 2010

Once Upon A Time……

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…she may have been no more than 20 years old when she left her family (back in┬á the Fujian or Kwungtung Province) to work overseas as a “combination of cleaner, cook, seamstress, nurse and general factotum”.

In Ipoh, these Black and White sisters “had their own temple where men were not allowed”. This picture we have here is said to be at Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh. Of course NOW, Jalan Bendahara┬áhas┬áchanged a lot!

We do wonder what has become of the Amah and the child she looked after…..

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