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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

September 2014

Another Day at the Market!

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We don’t mean to confuse you again, but here’s another photo of a local market 😉 This one isn’t in Ipoh….it’s actually in Batu Gajah (according to our donor Wendy Lewis). Notice the shape of the roof –  quite unique for a market building, don’t you think? Any Batu Gajah folks around? Perhaps they could tell us more.

April 2013

September 2012

November 2011

Where Is It?

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The shop 3rd from left is ‘Chop Cheong Chin’; next to that is ‘Syarikat Perak Travel Agency’, which is also an agency for Singapore Airlines. That’s about all we could make out from this picture. Now, across the street from this row of shop houses…..(see picture below)

….is another similar row. Notice also that at the end of this street is what seems to be the roof top of the Market.

Could anyone help us with the name of this street. While you’re at it, what is that tall building in the background (seen in both the pictures)?

January 2010

Looks Familiar?

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This is an aerial view of the ‘Bangunan Pasar’ (the Market). It almost looks like the market in Ipoh New Town, which was built by Yau Tet Shin ;notice the shape of the roof, at the top left corner of the picture.

This market however is in Teluk Anson (now known as Teluk Intan). Was it also built by a famous Towkay? Anyone with more information, do let us know.

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