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May 2017

November 2016

Exclusive Photos!

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No, we’re not exposing any celebrity or political scandal 😉

Instead, we have here original press photographs from The Telegraph Newspapers Co. Ltd. These photos date back to 1950, during the fight against Communists.


Flight Lt. A J De Saville and co-pilot P3 W J Sullivan, flying over Ipoh just before the bombing run


A bomb aimer – M Thompson – on an R.A.A.F. Lincoln which raided Ipoh area

July 2012

The Cole Family – by IpohBornKid

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IpohBornKid would like to share something about the Cole Family, who lived in Ipoh in the early 1950s. Happy Reading! 🙂

Left to Right: L/Corporal Cole; the members of the Cole Family (the dark-haired boy is probably Brian)

L/Corporal Cole was a British Servicemen stationed in Ipoh and his family was given living quarters in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh in the early 1950s.  Brian, a member of the Cole family, was friendly with his neighbours in that area.  In particularly, he befriended the Hooi family, who runs the Hooi Chew Motors in Pasir Puteh.  He mingled with them and often ate at their house.  After 1957, most British military personnel returned to UK after independence and Brian returned to UK with his family.

A few years ago, Brian made a trip to Malaysia and to his credit and perseverance; he finally found the Hooi Chew Motors in Falim (Jalan Lahat) and renewed the old links with them.  Brian left a contact number behind when returned to UK.  One of the Hooi family daughters recently went to UK and looked up Brian, who is living in the vicinity of Bath Spa, England (east). 

Brian remembered his stay in Ipoh very vividly and he has kindly provided some family photographs of the Cole family living in Pasir Puteh.  To be able to meet up after half a century of absence and separated by a long distance, is indeed a miracle.  It is hoped that other Ipoh people resident in that area during the 1950s would remember the Cole family in Pasir Puteh.

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