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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

June 2012

The New Town Market, circa 1910!

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Believe it or not, the Pasar Besar in Ipoh New Town isn’t that ‘old’! This early 1900s picture (taken from the Kinta Valley book) is quite unique – has there been that much change since Towkay Yau Tet Shin built this place?

I’ve noticed that those large rattan baskets are still in use today….

August 2010

Meet the ‘Artists’…

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Meet Mr and Mrs Tan – the diligent and creative couple, who produce ‘lion heads’ (and ‘bodies’ too).

We featured Mr and Mrs Tan’s store in a previous blog; we can’t help but feature them again – together with some of their masterpieces (pictures below).

Such an art seems to be fading as time goes by. It’s a pity, since these vibrantly coloured ‘lions’ and ‘dragons’ never fail to entertain us – especially during the Lunar New Year!

We thank Charlie for these pictures.

The ‘other side’ of Jalan Laxamana

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Those who frequent the Pasar Besar (Main Market) of Ipoh might be familiar with these (picture below)

Yes, these shop houses have stood the test of time; and they’re STILL going strong! The 3rd shop from the left is particularly interesting – the one painted yellow, with the words ‘Market Terrace’ at the top.

As can be seen (picture above, left), it’s a double shop; the shop with the grey shade makes ‘lion heads’ (picture on the right). It’s rather fascinating to know that this trade is still being carried on, even till today!

Has anyone been there? Do share your thoughts; perhaps some of you have met the owners….

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