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June 2016

The ORIGINAL Batu Gajah Police Station!

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This is said to be the original building of the Batu Gajah Police Station. Our donor, Daljit Singh Guram, told us that his late grandfather is in this very photograph (back row, 11th from the left). Daljit’s late grandfather – Gurcharan Singh Guram – was in the Malaysian Police Force from 1920 to 1945.

July 2013

The Simee Police Station

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The picture is not that clear, but this is what the Kampong Simee Police Station looked like back in 1948. Kampong Simee was one of the Chinese villages which came about during the Malayan Emergency as part of the New Village programme.

Just wondering: is this the same police station which is now next to the Hindu Temple (near the Simee roundabout)? If not, where in Simee is this landmark?

October 2010

Do You Remember Them?

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Familiar? These were what the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers looked like in the 1960s – khaki uniform and rattan-woven shields!

Looks like they were giving a demonstration for the public – the one kneeling in the centre, facing the camera, was probably the Leader of the platoon (from the stripes on the shoulder, he was probably a Corporal).

Was this demonstration in Ipoh? Were you one of those in the crowd? Or, perhaps….were you one of those in the platoon?

We await for your comments…………..

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