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March 2009

January 2009


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This interesting looking group posing for their photograph on and around bags marked Toong Hing (at least I think that is what they say) are completely unknown to us. The photo came from Ipoh, but it could have been taken anywhere. On the back it simply says 1970.  Has anyone got any guesses as to where this is and who is in the group please?

Inspector Teh Hock Huat in an Auster Aircraft 1956

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Again found in a heap of photos in Ipoh, could this be a very early Police pilot taking off from Ipoh? We would love to know more if anyone out there knows. Of course he may not be a policeman. Incidentally when did the Police start flying patrols or their air wing? Not as early as 1956 I guess. Your comments will be welcome, as will any stories about flying from Ipoh in the days when we had the ability to do so.

Pejabat Merinyu Galian Staff, Batu Gajah 1973

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I have studied the dictionary but cannot make any sense of the office function. What did they do? The nearest I can get to is that they were inspectors or overseers of mineral diggings which probably means mining. Were they government staff or commercial? Please help with some answers and if possible some names. We have PG Wong Yong Chee, seventh from left.  Was PG a grade/rank?

Sending Them Off at Ipoh Airport (We had One Once!)

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This is a photograph taken at Ipoh Airport. It is a large group and in the centre the two men dressed in suits are presumably important enough to draw the significant number of people to attend their arrival or most probably, departure. Of course with the demise of our airport photographs like this will be a thing of the past.

Any information about this photograph would be most welcome. Can you identify anyone here or do you have similar photographs or stories of similar occasions that we could use on our history archive of Ipoh and the Kinta Valley please.

To remind you all, the archive is aimed at educating young people about our heritage and social history and is not for profit. The complete archive will be available on the internet before too long.

Anyone for Pork Rice?

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This is a rare photograph of a Kopitiam hawker cutting roast pork from a joint hanging above his chopping board, on which there is already a hearty portion of cut meat. Note the thickness of the board and how it is worn away on the side nearest to him. No doubt there is a customer anxiously waiting for his “Roast Pork Rice and Chilli Sauce”.

In the background can be seen a selection of tins and packets and partially visible,behind the hawker, is a traditional round wooden table with marble top.

Now, the key question is if anyone can recognise the man, said to be from Ipoh. If you can, please click on ‘comments’ below and share his details with us.

If anyone has any similar photographs showing the inside shops, coffee shops or restaurants, we would be delighted to include them in this archive.

A Very Young SMI Group

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This photo has suffered badly from mishandling, probably by a young child as it has crayon scribbles all over the reverse. Nonetheless it is still clear enough for someone out there to identify who, where and when. We look forward to your posts.

December 2008

Girls of the Ipoh Main Convent

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Originally known as the Convent of the the Holy Infant Jesus, the school was founded by Mother St. Victoire, supported by Mother St. Anatoli, Assistant General to the Priests’ Assembly in Paris. It opened on 7th January 1907, at a small house in the compound of the St. Michael’s Church (Ipoh), with only eight students. Initially, it had only two teachers headed by headmistress Sister St. Prudence. The enrolment of the school increased to 99 students by the end of that year.

But the above picture is much later and we would like to know when and who is in the picture please. If you know anything about this picture or the others on this blog, please click on ‘Comments’ under the photo and leave your advice/information there.  Thanks in anticipation.

The Colonial Dispensary, Where and When?

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Nothing is known about this picture of the Colonial Dispensary, although we are assured it is from Ipoh. There is the tail end of a car to the left of the picture with what looks like the Perak Registration A 707. The shopkeeper is holding a baby above the counter and there are half a dozen men/boys in the shop. Any information about the Colonial Dispensary would be very welcome.

Can You Identify This Photograph?

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This photo is one of a large number donated to us recently.  Unfortunately no information came with them.  This is going to be very difficult, but it is only a test of uploading photos. Nonetheless, can anyone give us any idea of where and when it is please? It is said to be Perak.

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