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February 2012

November 2011

As Different as Chalk and Cheese

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Here we have two contrasting Ipoh photographs from Sophie. The first she calls “Dressing for the 1940’s to 1950’s. It is no wonder that Ipoh got the name for having all the pretty girls. Just look at these!

Sophie describes the photo as

“Dressing for 1940’s to 1950’s.

Four young ladies, two of them  are sisters. The second from left is my mother.”

And next comes an intriguing old bottle in which Sophie’s father used to keep nails and screws..

But this is where you are reader comes in for try as I might I cannot identify what it once held. Can you?

Sophie tells us;

“The height of the bottle is 4 inches plus.On the side of the cover it’s written ( Do not accept if this band is broken) so I guessed it’s something we can eat.It is Cola Cream not Cold Cream! Hope you can identify the bottle now.”

October 2011

Sunday’s Special – Just Look at those Shoes!

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We have seen a number of Ipoh’s young ladies recently and here we step back a generation or two. It is before the war came to Malaya, Hitler is causing problems in Europe while the world is struggling to recover from the 1929 depression. This was the era of the Superman comic (first published in 1938), the Benny Goodman Band and the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a popular attraction.

But here in Ipoh it was all about pretty girls, Cheongsams and shoes as the picture shows.

We thank ipohbornkid for this wonderful step back into Ipoh’s past.

August 2011

A Bevy of Ipoh’s Pretty Girls

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Yes, these are girls from Ipoh and Raja Perempuan School. It is 1973 and this is the Community Service Club.

It was kindly sent in to us by Helen Philip who we think is standing fourth from the left and next to the tall girl with pigtails directly behind the teacher. Thank you Helen for the photo.

Now ladies, it is your turn to work. Who are the others and where are they standing/sitting. We look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, note the mural on the wall behind them, one carrying the national flag. Could that be 1Malaysia 1973 style?

November 2010

Which One is Your Miss Perak?

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With all the recent blogs about beauty contestants and pretty girls I thought we ought to have a look at some!

This photo was very kindly sent in by our good friend Hong. It was taken in our very own Lido Cinema in 1962. They are the final contestants for the Miss Perak competition run in conjunction with Ipoh’s celebrations on being declared a municipality.

They are Miss Kampar, Miss Ipoh, Miss Taiping, Miss Teluk Anson and Miss Kuala Kangsar, but what were their real names? We would love to know. 

So guys out there, which one is your Miss Perak?

And girls – from the feminine point of view, what do you think?

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