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October 2012

The Geological Survey building

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This is another landmark in Ipoh, designed by none other than B M Iversen. Yes, it is the Geological Survey department. Can you guess the year this picture was taken? Here’s a clue: the car facing the camera bears the number plate AA 3636.

Here’s a photograph of the foundation stone, sent to us by Ruth Rollitt.

Geological Survey 1955

May 2012

1930s Update on the Ipoh Golf Club

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Ruth Rollitt updated us about the moving of the golf club from Golf Club Road to Tiger Lane in a previous blog http://www.ipohworld.org/?p=3056. She also sent the following photographs.

Her comment that went with these photos said:

When my father (B M Iversen) arrived in Ipoh in 1930 he was working for the firm of architects:: Keys & Dowdeswell. One of the projects he was working on was the renovating of the Ipoh Golf Club. I attach a photo of the club as it was then – from one of my albums. The other photo? Not sure?

 The following year the firm folded and my father started up his own: B M Iversen – architect.”


So it seems that the original post http://www.ipohworld.org/?p=3056 was correct and the buildings shown were at the Golf Club Road site and around 1931/1932 moved to Tiger Lane and rebuilt with significant improvements by Ruth’s father.


Does anyone recognise the second photo as being part of the Royal perak Golf Club today?

April 2011

February 2011

The Kinta Lodge (1922-1928)

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We have here a picture (sent to us by Phoebe) of the Kinta Lodge. Notice the members in their Freemason Regalia – particularly the interesting designs on the Aprons!

From what we’ve gathered, the first Masonic Hall was along Maxwell Road. The building was later taken over by Anderson School. Then, the Masons moved to their new building (in 1931) along Tiger Lane (this building is still used today).

However, the building shown in this picture seems rather different from the former and latter Lodge. Was this the interim building used while the new Masonic Hall was being built? YOU tell us 🙂

By the way, we are currently putting up a large collection of freemasonry items on our main database all related to one Ipoh planter, Dato’ Ronald Boxall. Just go to http://www.ipohworld.org and search for “All” and “Boxall”. Although all the 150 items are not up yet there is plenty to see there and you may be able to help us improve the descriptions.

December 2010

More from the Tiger Lane Mansion…

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This is No.14, Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) – back in 1948. To what we know, the Clemetson family lived here and they were well known to the Iversens (B M Iversen‘s family).

After the family left, the house remained empty. Sadly, now it is almost ‘invisible’ from the main road – with the grass growing wild, and creepers scaling the walls (see our previous posting on this mansion). Does anyone know WHO owns the land now? How come nothing has been done to prevent the house from ‘wasting away’…..or at least keep the lawn in order?

October 2010

The Masonic Lodge

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Those who frequently travel along Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) would have noticed this building (see picture below).

This is the Freemason’s Lodge, which was built by B M Iversen in the 1930s. This was the second Lodge; the first one was at Maxwell Road (which was also used by Anderson School in the late 1920s).

This present building is still in use today – from what we know, the members meet here on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

The Tiger Lane Mansion

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Does anyone out there know WHO this house once belonged to? It seems to have been abandoned for many years now – notice the plants growing in and around the building!

Judging from the design and the land around it, this house must have been the home of a rich Towkay. It’s a pity, such a beautiful house is now being left to rot 🙁

Those who frequently travel along Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) might find this a familiar sight. We look forward to your comments.

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