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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

December 2017

More Royal Visits!

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courtesy of: Charlie Choong, Ipoh


This was not taken in Ipoh, but we thought of sharing this rare find with all of you. These photos were part of a series, taken back in 1956 (some were faded, some were damaged).

Here we have HRH the Duke of Edinburgh visiting a dredge in Jinjang. The gentleman in the dark sunglasses is George Seddon – the General Manager of Anglo-Oriental. We know the photos are not as clear as they should be, but can you recognise any of the other gentlemen?

May 2011

Kinta Valley from the Air 1975

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Courtesy of Jerry de Witt, this photograph taken from a MAS aircraft in 1975 clearly shows the Kinta River winding its leisurely way across the valley on its way to Teluk Intan. But don’t miss the tin mines – those large brown patches alongside the river – for in 1975 there was still a tin mining industry here, albeit approaching its “last legs”. Look carefully and you can probably spot a dredge or two clanking away and wresting the black gold from the ground.

Not so long ago was it, just 36 years, but today even though fortunes were made locally we don’t even have a suitable marker of any sort in Ipoh to remember those days gone by or, as Dr Ho Tak Ming put it, when tin was king.

January 2011

Have you seen this dredge?

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We have here a picture of a dredge in Pengkalan. This picture was taken quite some time ago, when it sank and rested neatly on the bottom of the pool, hence it probably looks different today.

I do wonder what’s become of this dredge: were there plans to save it, like the TT5? Or, if not maintained…it might just capsize, for they do turn over sometimes and then they are lost. (ref. to our website here).

If anyone out there could provide us with more details, we’d be glad to hear from you!

January 2010

The Dredge is to be SAVED – State Government Pledge

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This information is taken from the latest post on the Ipoh Echo blog at http://ipohecho.com.my/v2/2010/01/22/state-government-to-keep-the-dredge/.

This striking decision was made public by Dato’ Hamidah Osman the Senior State Executive Councilor for Tourism via an Echo reporter on on Wednesday 20 January during an interview in Taiping to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Taiping Peace Initiative.

It is reported that she said “Yes, we are going to keep the dredge” . She apparently continued ” …..Besides preserving the dredge we must also ensure that it is safe and will last for the long term. ……”

She made no mention of how much budget has been set aside, but no doubt it will be several million if this is to be a genuine preservation and long term solution.

Please read the full report via the above link.

December 2009

The Ipoh Echo Bumper Issue is Out Today

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Yes the Bumper issue No 88 hit the newstands and free outlets today. The biggest paper they have produced so far it is full of local interest: from making a movie in Papan, Christmas cheer, plagiarism, outdoor pursuits, community news and much more.

But one article relating to heritage that caught our attention was about the old tin dredge and its future. The dredge is sinking and as every day passes it further deteriorates. To get it back to a level suitable for tourism will cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of RM. Should this money be spent? Who should pay? What should be done?

Why not read the article yourselves either at page 4 of Isue 88 or at http://ipohecho.com.my/v2/category/commentary/thinking-aloud/ and let us, or the Echo know your views. But at the same time don’t forget to read the other 19 pages, they are full of local interest. It is your community newspaper so enjoy it.

The dredge leaning over at an angle approaching 20 degrees

November 2009

Perak’s Heritage is Sinking Fast

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Perak Heritage Society
theStar today
highlights the dangerous tilt of
the dredge TT5 in Tanjong Tualang,
“Perak’s heritage dredge”.
Now, national interest is piqued.
As the pontoon which floats the dredge is leaking,
its private management company is 
experiencing maintenance and financial problems.
As a result, TT5 may simply fall over.
It threatens to collapse into a twisted mess of steel. 
 That’s complete destruction of this industrial heritage! 
 Come learn about the history of TT5 and
the unpublished fact on the dredge’s deterioration and
the hands which failed.
Mr Stephen Ng, manager ofTT5,
will be present at our briefing to answer your questions.
can anyone else come along?
Do invite members of PHS you are in touch with.
who else?
Anyone who has an interest in saving the dredge

for its significance to Perak heritage.
Non-members and heritage-friendly people are welcome.
how to spread the news?
 Circulate this NOTICE with discretion.
 The PHS Office has a limited seating capacity of 30.
For RSVP: see below. 

Saturday, Nov 7, 2009: 2.30 pm
PHS Office
 85C Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Ipoh (opposite the Syuen)
If you wish to but cannot attend the briefing,
please SMS or email me with your messages of support.
Thank you for supporting Perak Heritage Society. 
Law Siak Hong
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