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September 2013

From the Days When Ipoh Had Style

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Just look at this grand old postcard from  the 1920’s. Recognise the place?

Well I guess most of you will not be able to pin this down, but as the postcard caption shows, it is the People’s Park, Ipoh. Historically the land was gazetted as the ‘People’s Park’, a gift from the government to the people of Ipoh. At the time the land was valued at $70,000 and was used to display a fantastic collection of Chinese plants presented by Yau Tet Shin. The Park was officially opened on the same day as the Birch Memorial Clock Tower was dedicated in 1909.

Today we have what is known as the beautified park, with its red yellow and blue plastic etc. For me I prefer Mother  Historically Nature as it used to be.

What about you?

August 2012

The ‘Round Market’ Saga

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It was early in the new millenium when the Yau Tet Shin Bazaar was demolished. It now remains an empty plot and has since been turned into a parking lot 🙁 Recently we heard about some plans to rebuild it…

What the Bazaar looked like in the 90s (the Syuen Hotel can be seen in the background, far right).

The proposed design for the New Bazaar.

Has anyone heard the latest news regarding this project? Do tell us more.

April 2010

Ipoh’s ‘Round Market’

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This famous Ipoh landmark opened in 1962. Designed by Booty Edwards & Partners, the place offered each trader equal space for his/her shoplot.

The Yau Tet Shin bazaar was known to the locals as Pasar Bulat (Round / Circular Market); it offered everything from suitcases and travelling bags, to Pomelo and Groundnut stalls, and it also had 3 Chinese Restaurants – one of which was featured in our previous blog post.

40 years later (in 2002) this landmark was ‘flattened’ and now turned into a car park. I remember 2 stalls there which I once visited – a Chinese tailor, and a bag stall where I bought my first school bag.

I’m sure some of you out there visited the bazaar, before it ‘vanished’……

March 2010

Chow Kee Restaurant, Cowan Street, Ipoh

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This restaurant was said to be famous for Chinese Delicacies and Tanjong Tualang Fresh Water Prawns. Probably one the few air-conditioned restaurants at that time (1970s), it was located at the Yau Tet Shin Market & Shopping Centre; along Cowan Street in Ipoh.

Sadly, the Yau Tet Shin Market is not there anymore (now turned into a car park). Maybe someone out there has been to this restaurant?

January 2010

Looks Familiar?

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This is an aerial view of the ‘Bangunan Pasar’ (the Market). It almost looks like the market in Ipoh New Town, which was built by Yau Tet Shin ;notice the shape of the roof, at the top left corner of the picture.

This market however is in Teluk Anson (now known as Teluk Intan). Was it also built by a famous Towkay? Anyone with more information, do let us know.

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