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We believe that Sheares Hall, Dunearn Road Hostel was used by University of Malaya.  Is this correct and can anyone recognise some of the party people here please?

  1. Josh says:

    For more history on the University of Malaya in Singapore, perhaps you could seek out the senior Ipoh lawyer KC Lai. He may be able to provide more information. The Dunearn Road site was/is still being used by the Singapore Minsitry of Education. Sheares Hall is currently one of the halls of residence in the National University of Singapore.

  2. S.Y. Lee says:

    Do you know that the Karpal Singh was from Dunearn Road Hotel in Singapore? Of course Dunearn Road Hostel cannot beat Raffles Hall.

  3. Rupert Ng says:

    Sorry I don’t get your name
    I was a Dunearnite from 1965 to 1967 and moved out after my final exam in early 1968. My last stay was in Block 1 in the single room. If you were a Dunearnite during the same time, I was in the DRH committee as Sports Secretary and also was the Circulation Manager of our hostel magazine “Psyche”.
    The Christmas Dinner photo which was posted looks familiar to me as I am also one of the guys in it – standing 3rd from right, with the Christmas hat on.
    The dinner could not be held in 1961 but much later – 1966/67 if my memory is correct. On the photo, next to me was Robert Tan Kim Poh and next to him in the middle is Yap Cheng Tong, behind the balloon. Yap and myself were in the “Psyche” magazine committee together. Another guy who is squatting in the front row- 5th from left is Abu Bakar from Ipoh. He is in KL now. The one who is lying down in front with his hand raised is Leow Shin Fong from Ipoh also.
    Yes, Karpal Singh was there. So was Tee Tua Ba, Tan Peng Ting, Datuk Steven Foo from Sarawak, Mohamed from Sabah, Nizar and Tan Sri Ahmad Fairuz.

  4. S.Y. Lee says:

    Hi Rupert Ng, what course were you doing in the University of Singapore?

    I was in Raffles Hall from 1964-1968, probably during your time too since I also took my final exam in 1968. I applied and was accepted for Dunearn Road Hostel but changed my mind after some seniors warned me of the floods in December for Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah Road (one year, there was actually very heavy flood where even the buses could not pass). I was told to get ready a canoe if I stayed in DRH. Since I did not have a canoe, I decided to stay in Raffles Hall for the 4 years there. Leow Shin Fong practised as a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur. I do not know whether he is still practising there. Tan Sri Ahmad Fairuz was a former Chief Justice. The late Mokhtar Abdullah, who was the Attorney General and subsequently a Federal Court Judge was also from DRH. From Raffles Hall, Abdul Hamid (I think it was Tun) was also a former Chief Justice. He was my neighbour in the (B@) Second Floor of Raffles Hall.

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