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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

December 2008

Girls of the Ipoh Main Convent

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Originally known as the Convent of the the Holy Infant Jesus, the school was founded by Mother St. Victoire, supported by Mother St. Anatoli, Assistant General to the Priests’ Assembly in Paris. It opened on 7th January 1907, at a small house in the compound of the St. Michael’s Church (Ipoh), with only eight students. Initially, it had only two teachers headed by headmistress Sister St. Prudence. The enrolment of the school increased to 99 students by the end of that year.

But the above picture is much later and we would like to know when and who is in the picture please. If you know anything about this picture or the others on this blog, please click on ‘Comments’ under the photo and leave your advice/information there.  Thanks in anticipation.

The Colonial Dispensary, Where and When?

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Nothing is known about this picture of the Colonial Dispensary, although we are assured it is from Ipoh. There is the tail end of a car to the left of the picture with what looks like the Perak Registration A 707. The shopkeeper is holding a baby above the counter and there are half a dozen men/boys in the shop. Any information about the Colonial Dispensary would be very welcome.

Can You Identify This Photograph?

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This photo is one of a large number donated to us recently.  Unfortunately no information came with them.  This is going to be very difficult, but it is only a test of uploading photos. Nonetheless, can anyone give us any idea of where and when it is please? It is said to be Perak.

“Nation Before Self” by Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng

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This book recently published by Dato Seri himself is written in 5 distinct parts.  It covers his developing years at King Edward VII school in Taiping, his memories of the Japanese occupation of Malaya and after the war a brief spell as a teacher.  This is followed by detailed descriptions of his struggles against the Communist Terrorists first from 1950 to 1960 as a young policeman and member of the Special Branch in Perak and then, after the assassination of Datuk Koo Chong Kong, CPO Perak, as the new CPO Perak and later, Police Commissioner, Sarawak. In these roles he was continually a new target for the Communists and there are many stories of ambushes and attempted assassinations that very few Malaysians have ever heard of.  Indeed if you were not aware of the background you might believe that this is a novel rather than a true account of the anti-communist struggles that took place in Perak and beyond over more than 30 years.

The book continues with thoughts on the Nation as it is today, sometimes controversial and ‘straight from the shoulder’.  This is a fascinating review of the thoughts of one man, and a national hero at that!

The last two parts include firstly more thoughts about where we are today as a nation and where we are going. The last section provides a range of press cuttings of Dato Seri’s letters to the press which make fascinating reading.

The book is available at MPH at RM39.90 and in my view, recommended reading for all Malaysians.  If you have already read it then we would be pleased to see your view on these pages as well.

Would You Like to be an Original Author on this Blog?

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We are looking for a limited number of authors who would like to create their own original blogs on this site, about heritage topics in Perak. To us heritage is important and the more people who write about it, the more others will become aware. If you would like to be one of our authors, please email us at info@ipohworld.org and we can register you as an author. This of course will be at the discretion of the webmaster and should we find unsuitable content being proposed, the author will be deregistered.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to ipohWorld’s Heritage Trail

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Welcome to ipohworld’s first blog.

This is your site to share information and photographs of Perak’s heritage and social history for recording in an online database archive, currently being produced for worldwide access via the web in 2009. Donors will be credited if they wish, but please remember that the laws of copyright apply in Malaysia and that anything that breaks those laws cannot be used. You should therefore state that you have a right to publish the photographs or information (if you have).

Currently we have more than 2600 entries with images on the archive , but there is plenty of room for more. Our subjects covered are almost any aspect of ‘past Perak’, but particularly targeting the Kinta Valley. We have stories of the Towkays, the cinemas, mining, rubber, food, hawkers, the Japanese, the communists, the Emergency, Orang Asli – even Rose Chan – and more, so don’t hang back, we need your help.

Our objective is to record every fact we can for use by students, researchers and most important our young people of today and tomorrow so that they will understand what made our State tick over the past 150 years. No subject is too insignificant to be considered for use.

However, this blog is not only about collecting data, but it is also for you to express your opinion on any matter pertaining to local history and heritage in Perak.

So let’s hear from you; What do you think about the state of our heritage in Perak. Is heritage important? Can it make us any money? What can we do to preserve our heritage? etc. etc. We need your thoughts on this blog now, so sit down and write. Just do it, you know it makes sense!

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