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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Here’s a copy of the 1st Heritage Trail Map. This trail covers Old Town and is held every Saturday morning at 8am, starting at the Ipoh Railway Station.

A full size printable copy of this map is now available on our database athttp://db.ipohworld.org/view.php?type=id&id=3875#search_form_wrapper in PDF format.


  1. ipohgal says:

    My family and I joined this walk on 18/12/2010. We have a fabulous time discovering Ipoh’s past. Hope this walk will be extend to cover the new town as well. Mr Raja was simply marvelous and a big applause to him for a good well done. Keep up your good work, Mr Raja!

  2. S.Sundralingam says:

    I wonder when will the Heritage Trial Map 2 walk would be held? I was told that it would start effective at end of December 2010. Any answers?

  3. D-T says:

    Finally the map is now available online… 🙂 Thanks for making it available. Any idea where can we get an online version of the 2nd map? 🙂

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