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December 2010

“Come Fly with Me!”

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This was sent to us by Robin Tan. According to Robin, Mr Radcliffe (in white shorts) used to take him sailing when they were not gliding.

Yes! Gliding – as the Kinta Valley was a suitable place, since it was blessed with many hills. Even the climate gave the much needed thermal boost for gliding. Plus, the Ipoh Airport wasn’t so busy then. This was back in the late 50s and early 60s.

Sadly gliding activities in Ipoh slowly died off as the years went by. For those (like me) who have never had the experience, Robin describes it as “…peaceful, serene and quiet way of flying without vibration and noise…” and that “…the only sound you hear is the whistleling of the wind over the wings..”.

Ahh, what bliss! 🙂

2011 Calendar

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Good news for all ipohWorld fans! 2011 calendar is now available! Click on the calendars below to download in high res! And now, how many of you can guess correctly the places depicted in the calendar? The first one is a bonus.

Merry Christmas!

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On behalf of ipohWorld, we wish you all Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Have a great weekend ahead!

P/S: Stay tuned for our 2011 Calendar wallpaper which will be released mid next week.

‘Thinking-Day’, 1968

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This was taken at the Ipoh Girl Guides’ Hut (Wisma Pandu Putri), at Greentown – near the Jalan Abdul Jalil football field. The girl guides appear to be dressed in national costumes from around the world, while dancing round the May Pole.

Are you in this picture? Do point yourself out – and maybe tell us more about the costume you were wearing too!

The Brewster Road Fire Brigade

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Remember the old fire brigade at Brewster Road? Here we have two pictures of the fire brigade’s compound – showing the girls from the Main Convent.

These girls were part of the Firefighter Cadets Club, which was established in the school in the 1980s.

The fire brigade has moved to another premise (opposite the Perak Stadium), but the old building still remains. Anyone know what’s become of the old building?

Thank you to Puan Zora, a former student and teacher from the Main Convent, who lent us these pictures!

Tribute to the ‘Voice’ of Ipoh

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We have here the front page of the Times of Malaya, dated 7 December 1936. Yes, the Times of Malaya was Ipoh’s FIRST NEWSPAPER – which began publication in 1904. Two years after its first publication, the paper welcomed a new Editor; none other than J A S Jennings (picture below).

For the next 30 years or so, Ipoh (and Perak too!) regarded Jennings as their ‘voice’ – Jennings was particularly concerned about the social happenings in his adopted home state of Perak. Sadly, after his passing the paper declined. It was eventually bought up by the Straits Times Press Pte Ltd.

We thank Nicholas Jennings (grandson of J A S Jennings) for sharing these pictures with us.

Here’s a Little Mystery for YOU!

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This myterious bungalow was supposedly built during British rule in the early 20th Century. It was once the home of a rubber estate Manager. Later, a Chinese Miner bought it. Since 1 January 1960, the Perak Local Defense Force used it as its base. Now, this bungalow has become the HQ for the Markas Rejimen 503 (Regiment 503 of the local Armed Forces).

Where is this place? The main entrance is along Tambun Road, just before the Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Of course, they don’t let anyone enter the army base – hence this picture was taken from a nearby high rise building.

Does anyone know MORE about this bungalow? Who owned it BEFORE the armed forces took over?

MORE Pretty Girls from Ipoh!

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Here we have Miss Telekom (centre), with the 1st and 2nd Runners-up. This was back in the 1950s. Do you remember them?

The winner and queen of the contest is Ms Asmah and her runner up on the right is Lee Lai Quan (or Kwan). Can anyone give us the name of the other runner up please?

Are they still around? Perhaps……one of the contestants is reading this right now? 😉

SMI – Std 6 D, from 1969

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After ‘reuniting’ those from ACS, Anderson and NTPS Pasir Puteh……we’re now calling out to the “Sons of St Michael’s Institution ” !

Here we have Std. 6 D, all the way from 1969. Come on, Michaelians….don’t be shy. We KNOW some of you out there might have been in this class. Do point yourselves out…and maybe tell us about your fellow classmates too 🙂

More from the Tiger Lane Mansion…

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This is No.14, Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) – back in 1948. To what we know, the Clemetson family lived here and they were well known to the Iversens (B M Iversen‘s family).

After the family left, the house remained empty. Sadly, now it is almost ‘invisible’ from the main road – with the grass growing wild, and creepers scaling the walls (see our previous posting on this mansion). Does anyone know WHO owns the land now? How come nothing has been done to prevent the house from ‘wasting away’…..or at least keep the lawn in order?

News from the Bridge

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A watch tower? Or maybe (yet) another clock tower? I’m sure you’ve noticed this tower, which is still under construction. The question is: Why? We’re clueless ourselves – why build, not 1 but 4, towers along the Hugh Low Bridge? If you have more information on this project, do let us know!

Std. 5C, 1968 – from the Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh

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The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) was the first English school (and first Christian mission school too!) in the Kinta Valley. This school was established by the Methodist Episcopal Mission in 1895. It was said that just five days after his arrival, Rev W E Horley opened ACS in a small attap-roof Malay house rented from Datoh Panglima Kinta Muhammad Yusuff.

Here we have Std. 5C, from 1968. Our donor Mr Sundralingam is somewhere in the picture. What about you? I’m sure we have some former ACS boys out there (especially from this class!). What about the teachers shown here – are they still around?

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