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November 2010

The Times of Malaya – The 1st and 2nd Building

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This is the first Times of Malaya building, which was along Post Office Road. The first issue of Ipoh’s first newspaper was published on 9th March 1904. 2 years later, the newspaper was taken over by J A S Jennings – who remained the paper’s most influential editor for a good 30 years!

In the early 1930s, the Times of Malaya moved to a new building, along Brewster Road (see picture below).

After the war (after 1945), this building was used by the Public Works and the Department of Drainage and Irrigation. What’s become of it now? Can anyone fill us in on the latest?

We thank Nicholas Jennings – the grandson of J A S Jennings – who sent us a copy of these rare pictures.

What’s Happened to Lido?

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This picture was sent to us by Ruth Rollit, the daughter of the Danish architect B M Iversen.

Familiar? No? This is what the interior of the Lido Cinema looks like today – as you can see, it’s not longer a cinema. Lido has now been converted into Florex Restaurant.

In this picture, the raised level shown was where the bar used to be. Has much of the interior changed? I noticed that the original floor tiles are still there. What about the rest of the place?

Cathay Opens in Ipoh!

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At that time, this $ 600,000 cinema was considered luxurious. It was declared open by His Highness Raja Sir Izzudin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil (the Sultan of Perak), on the eve of Chinese New Year. Designed by B M Iversen, this fully air-conditioned cinema (with its ‘colossal 75-foot tower of jade tiles’), stood proud along Cockman Street – the same area which was once¬†‘home’ to rubber trees!

This picture was taken on the opening night; after the grand ceremony, the patrons were treated to Darryl F Zanuck’s ‘CinemaScope 55’ production of – you guessed it – The King and I. How many of you out there were at the opening ceremony? How many of you ‘fell in love’ with the movie?

We’d like to thank Ruth Rollit (the daugther of B M Iversen) for sending us this precious photograph.


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Calling ALL Convent-Alumni!!!

As stated in the flyer, there will be a Christmas Party on 11th December 2010, organised by the Convent Old Girls Association (COGA). This party will be at the Convent Primary Hall, from 4 pm till 7 pm. Besides good food and some fun games, this is a chance to revisit your dear alma mater; maybe even a time to catch up on the latest! We were also told that Convent’s very own band – Tradimode – will be performing too.

Those interested may contact Florina Ng, the Convent Music Teacher. Start marking your diaries, girls!!

Early 1960s – at NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh

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Here we have Std 5A, from the year 1961.

And here is Std 6A, from 1962.

We were told that among those from this school include our very own Lat! Yes, who would have thought that one day…..someone from your alma mater would end up a famous cartoonist? Is he in one of these pictures? Are YOU in one of these pictures? Who was your favourite teacher back then? Come on people, it’s time for a reunion! ūüôā

A special thanks to one of our followers, SK, for letting us use these pictures for the blog.

Perak Lost Living Heritage Exhibition

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Now this is one event you really must take your children to. Many of the people you will see practising their skills are the last of the line as nobody is prepared to continue their trade. Consequently it may be the only time that your children will get to see this in real life. It’s a “Must Go” event, so even if you have seen it all before don’t rob the younger generation of their once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t forget

27th November until 5th December daily, 11.00am to 6.00pm, at

The Garden Villa, No 5 Gopeng Road

HIJ Convent – Class of ’64!

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Recognise this? This picture was taken outside the Secondary School Assembly Hall, of the HIJ Convent, Ipoh. We were also told that this was the 1964 Senior Cambridge Class. It was sent to us by Sybil. Thank you for sharing it.

Calling all Convent girls – are you somewhere in this picture? If so, do tell us where you’re standing…and perhaps name some of your friends too. We’d also like to know who the teachers were (seated, front row); not forgetting the Nuns as well!

The 22nd Joint Conference of the Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling Memorials

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  11 November 2011




The 22nd Joint Conference of the Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling Memorials 

In conjunction with the

International Centennial Celebrations of Sun Yat Sen’s 1910 ‚ÄėPenang Conference‚Äô

Launch 20 November 2010 in Penang, Malaysia


Sun Yat Sen‚Äôs birthday anniversary on 12 November is celebrated by millions throughout the world. The following weekend in November, delegates from more than 30 Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling museums and memorial sites will have their 22nd Joint Conference in Penang, the first time outside of China. They will be part of the International Centennial Celebrations of Sun Yat Sen’s 1910 ‚ÄėPenang Conference‚Äô which the Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has agreed to launch.


Commonly referred to as ‘the Father of modern China’, Dr. Sun is a global figure with great historical significance to China, Taiwan and the overseas Chinese.¬† He championed nationalism, democracy and egalitarianism, developing a political philosophy known as the ‘Three People’s Principles’. As the leader of the China Revolution of 1911, he became China’s first provisional president in post-Manchu China. He became an inspiration for nationalists all over Asia including the India, Philippines and Indonesia.


It is exactly 100 years since Dr. Sun Yat Sen planned the Huanghuagang Uprising (also called Canton Uprising) from Penang. After having failed with his ninth attempt at revolution, Dr. Sun found renewed support from his Penang followers. He called the party leaders loyal to him to attend his birthday on 12 November 1910 and then held a secret meeting to plan the Canton Uprising. Two days later, at an Emergency General Meeting held at the Penang Philomatic Union, then based in 120 Armenian Street. Dr Sun gave a moving speech and managed to raise 8,000 Straits Dollars, thus launching the campaign for the famous uprising. He established the Penang Chinese newspaper Kwong Wah Jit Poh a few weeks later, today one of the world‚Äôs oldest newspapers. In 1910, Dr. Sun spent more than four important months of his revolutionary career in Penang, and left a lasting impact on Penang society, as his followers went on to found several organisations such as Chung Ling School, Penang Chinese Girls’ School, Hu Yew Seah, Li Teik Seah and Min Sin Seah.


When Dr. Sun moved to Penang in 1910, his wife and two daughters, and his revolutionary companion Chen Cuifen, as well as his elder brother and sponsor Sun Mei, came to live with him. This November, the direct descendants of Sun Mei and Dr Sun Yat Sen will have their reunion in Penang and take part in the centennial celebrations. They also hope to meet up with their Malaysian relatives while they are here.


The International Centennial Celebrations will consist of a series of events, including an academic symposium, a major exhibition, the development and launch of the Penang Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail, the screening of the movie Road To Dawn and a cultural performance. These events will be organised by a large coalition of government and non-government bodies.


The host of the 22nd Joint Conference is the memorial network’s only Malaysian member, the Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, a private museum at 120 Armenian Street. This historic house, located in the Core Zone of the World Heritage Site, was visited by Hu Jintao, then already China’s president designate. As a follow-up of Hu Jintao’s visit, two China government subsidiaries collaborated with an international movie cast to produce a movie ‘Road To Dawn’ about Dr. Sun’s life in Penang,


The International Centennial Celebrations will therefore be a culmination of Penang’s efforts to commemorate Sun Yat Sen’s historic sojourn in Penang, Museum curators and scholars will convene to talk about the significance of the 1910 Penang Conference. Schoolchildren will tour the exhibition to learn about Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling as global figures of the early twentieth century.¬† The international delegates and Sun descendants will meet the custodians of heritage sites in Penang that preserve Sun’s memory and legacy. The world will remember the historic moment of the ‘Penang Conference’, the legacy of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and the contributions of his Penang and Malayan followers.





The 22nd Joint Conference of the Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling Memorials

in conjunction with the

International Centennial Celebrations of Sun Yat Sen’s 1910 ‚ÄėPenang Conference‚Äô

Exhibition: 12 November 2010 to 17 February 2011 at 57 Macalister Road

Conference: 19-22 November 2010 at City Bayview Hotel


Exhibition on Sun Yat Sen, Soong Ching Ling and Southeast Asia

Date & Venue: 12 November 2010 to 17 February 2011, at the new Penang State Museum premises (former Maternity Hospital), Macalister Road, Penang

Organised by Min Sin Seah, supported by the Penang State Government

This exhibition will introduce the memorials sites of Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling. Part of the exhibition will highlight the importance of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his movement in the history of Penang and Malaysia, including their contributions in Chinese education, the Chinese press as well as social and political movements.




22nd Joint Conference of Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling Memorials

19-22 November at City Bayview Hotel, Penang

The memorials network and joint conference were inaugurated in 1989 and now includes more than 40 organizations around the world. In November 2010, the Joint Conference will take place in Penang, Malaysia ‚Äst its first meeting outside of China. It will be hosted by the Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, which has been the sole Malaysian member of the Joint Conference since 2005.¬† More than 30 museums and memorials from eight cities in China, as well as from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, will be converging for this event.


Grand launch of the 22nd Joint Conference of the Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling Memorials in conjunction with the International Centennial Celebrations of Sun Yat Sen’s 1910 ‚ÄėPenang Conference‚Äô

Date & venue: 10 am, 20 November 2010 at Grand Ballroom, City Bayview Hotel

Organised by the Joint Committee of the International Centennial Celebrations, supported by Khazanah Nasional Berhad.


Our Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib has agreed to officate the launch of the conference. It will be a historic occasion for Penang and Malaysia, attended by the international delegates representing the Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling memorials, and the direct descendants of Sun Mei and Dr. Sun Yat Sen, as well as the Penang and Malaysian public.


Public talk: Inaugural Penang Story Lecture by Professor Wang Gungwu

Date & venue: 11.30am, 20 November 2010 at Grand Ballroom, City Bayview Hotel

In his lecture ‚ÄúSino-Western Penang Responses‚ÄĚ, Wang Gungwu will look discuss the early phases of Penang‚Äôs globalization, through the encounters of personalities such Dr Sun Yat-sen and Ku Hung-ming. Professor Wang Gungwu is the Chairman of the East Asian Institute and University Professor, National University of Singapore. He is also Emeritus Professor of the Australian National University. Professor Wang is widely recognized as the ‚Äėdoyen of overseas Chinese historical scholarship‚Äô.




International Symposium on Sun Yat Sen, Soong Ching Ling and Southeast Asia

Date & Venue: 8.30am-4.30am 21 November 2010 at Wawasan Open University

Co-organised by Wawasan Open University

This symposium will bring together 15-20 scholars to talk about Sun Yat Sen and Soong Ching Ling, their life and contributions and their impact on Southeast Asia. One focus will be on the 1910 ‘Penang Conference’, and its significance for the history of China.


Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail, George Town World Heritage Site

Developed by the Penang Heritage Trust, supported by Think City Sdn Bhd

As a legacy of this conference, we will establish a Penang Sun Yat Sen Heritage Trail, which will consist of at least 10 historical sites in Penang associated with Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his followers. This heritage trail will be a new tourism product targeting the China and Taiwan markets and packaged with airlines worldwide.



Organised by Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, Min Sin Seah, Penang Heritage Trust, Penang Chinese Town Hall, Taipei Investors in Malaysia Association, Malaysia, The Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities, Wawasan Open University, Chung Ling High School Alumni Association,  Penang Zhongshan Association, Penang Philomatic Union, Penang Tourist Guide Association, Equator Academy of Art,Vision Academy, Malaysia.

Supported by ThinkCity Sdn Bhd,  Penang Global Tourism, Penang State Museum


Today Let’s Visit Sam Poh Tong

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But as you probably guessed this was Sam Poh back in the 1960’s, not long after the big renovation of the 50’s.¬†No doubt many of you would have been dragged along by your parents to visit and pay respects.

According to legend, the cave was discovered in 1890 by a Mahayana Buddhist monk from China who was passing through Ipoh; he decided to make it his domicile and a place for meditation. He remained there for 20 years until his death.

Until today, nuns and monks who dedicate their lives to Buddha still occupy the Sam Poh Tong. There are 246 steps will leads to an open cave with what used to be an excellent view of Ipoh and its surroundings, but much of this (view) has, in my opinion, been spoilt by development.

If you would like to read more about the temple or see a short video of it please click here

Down Memory Lane with NTPS, Jalan Pasir Puteh

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Now here’s a sight for sore eyes! It is 1963 and the boys and girls (boys in drag!)¬†of Pasir Puteh are putting on “Old King Cole”. Which one¬†is you? Do write in if you recognise yourself or anyone else.

And here we have Standard II in 1961. Wah didn’t you all look like little angels then! Ms Wan is the class teacher and next to her is the headmaster Mr. Bhagwan Singh. S K Ong who kindly sent in these photos, and two more from later years, is standing in the second row, second on the right.

So who else can you recognise?

Cycling Along Cockman Street

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Those were the days: when the traffic in Ipoh was rather scarce, and riding around the town on a bicycle was SAFE! Here we have some youngsters riding past the Lido Cinema.¬†This Iversen building is no longer a cinema now; if I’m not mistaken it’s been turned into Florex Restaurant.

Playing in the cinema at that time (1958) was ‘Rock, Pretty Baby’. This movie starred Sal Mineo, John Saxon Shelley Fabares, Luana Patten and Edward Platt. It was a simple story about a teenager who, despite his father’s objections, formed a rock and roll band with his friends. He later tried his best to obtain bookings.

Did anyone out there watch this movie? Did the movie start a trend among the younger generation – as in starting their own band? Or, perhaps it started a fashion trend?

The 2nd Ipoh Heritage Trail Map

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This is the 2nd FREE map in this series Рthe first one was featured in this blog late last year. This map/brochure is published by Kinta Heritage Group Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Perak Tourism and the Perak State Government. Inside shows another heritage trail which covers: Belfield Street, Cross Street, Leech Street, Treacher Street, Jalan Datoh, and along the river into Jalan Mesjid (Hume Street).

Also featured in this map/brochure is a short history of the Eu Chateau, as well as Dato Panglima Kinta. Copies of this can be obtained from leading hotels, the Railway Station, Tourist Information Centres, and also the Perak Academy Office.

“Shall We Dance?”

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Once upon a time, at the YMCA in Ipoh…..

….men and women (young and old) danced the night away! Was it a competition, or just another social event? When was this event held at the YMCA? Perhaps,¬†some of¬†you out there are in the picture!

We await your feedback, especially if you were one of these dancers ūüėČ

Which One is Your Miss Perak?

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With all the recent blogs about beauty contestants and pretty girls I thought we ought to have a look at some!

This photo was very kindly sent in by our good friend Hong. It was taken in our very own Lido Cinema in 1962. They are the final contestants for the Miss Perak competition run in conjunction with Ipoh’s celebrations on being declared a municipality.

They are Miss Kampar, Miss Ipoh, Miss Taiping, Miss Teluk Anson and Miss Kuala Kangsar, but what were their real names? We would love to know. 

So guys out there, which one is your Miss Perak?

And girls – from the feminine point of view, what do you think?

At the Ipoh Airport…

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Here’s a scene from the old Ipoh Airport. As you can see in the background, there’s an airplane with the words ‘Malayan Airways’ on it. Hence we think this picture was probably taken in the early 1950s – by 1963, the airline was renamed Malaysian Airways Ltd (MAL).

I remember in the late 1980s or early 1990s, there were joyrides for the public at the Ipoh Airport – needless to say, my brother and I never stopped talking about it after¬†our first¬†‘adventure’ in the air!! Don’t know if they have this service anymore. I wonder what’s become of the Ipoh Airport these days; heard that they’ve started a flying school there (but I may be wrong…).

What were YOUR memories like? Perhaps someone out there could tell us more about the Ipoh Airport…..

The Tambun Hot Springs, 1950

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Familiar? Yes, this is our very own natural jacuzzi!

I remember visiting this place once¬†– before Lost World of Tambun was built – and my brother and I would¬†relax in the pool while watching the world go by ūüôā There was a very distinct smell of sulphur in the air, but it didn’t seem to matter to the crowd. I also recall a man selling eggs (which were left to cook in the smaller pool, while you soak or swim in the larger pool).

Are the hot springs still there now? Last I heard, the place would open after Lost World closed for the day – which was around 5 or 6pm. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected. If anyone out there knows MORE about this, do tell us. We’d also like to hear of YOUR memories of the hot springs…..

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