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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Now here’s a sight for sore eyes! It is 1963 and the boys and girls (boys in drag!) of Pasir Puteh are putting on “Old King Cole”. Which one is you? Do write in if you recognise yourself or anyone else.

And here we have Standard II in 1961. Wah didn’t you all look like little angels then! Ms Wan is the class teacher and next to her is the headmaster Mr. Bhagwan Singh. S K Ong who kindly sent in these photos, and two more from later years, is standing in the second row, second on the right.

So who else can you recognise?

  1. Rosebud says:

    Those aint no girls on the 1st photo. They are all boys in drag. Mano & I who are background singers are among the group in pyjama pants & white long sleeved shirts behind the King & ‘Queen’ on the right. Some errors I want to point out. It should be NTPS. It stands for National Type Primary School & the headmaster name should be Mr. Bhagwan Singh. Look up Lat’s Town Boy & he’s there.What great memories the 1st photo bring.Cheers

  2. cheah foo fooi (david cheah) says:

    OK, I”ve been caught on camera as Ole King Cole, thanks to SK for this magnificent photo, brought back memories of me and my mother who passed away last week, she being a school techer thought it was rather cute, the whole play, I just shuddered in horror after having to kiss Tan Chin Beng’s cheek ! Re photo, I am sitting, front row left corner. I remember one episode with the boy next to the teacher, immeidately to rigtht of teacher (? name) he had to read during reading class and he had trouble pronouncing “Ohio” , he tried several times and said “Oi” and I thought it was a cool attempt, good on you mate for trying !
    where are you rosebud and others in the shool photo ??


  3. sk says:

    Hi David Cheah,
    Wah An early bird at 4.53 a.m !
    What an unearthly hour ?
    Doing a pathological post mortem in a CSI report ?
    First & foremost, let us convey our sincere & deepest condolences
    & sympathy to the demise of your loving mother.I met her once & have spoken to her long long time ago at a bus stop in Jalan Pasir
    Puteh. You have a resemblance of her. May her soul rest in peace.
    Glad you have crawled out from the closet from Canberra. Howdy, mate. Is that how OZ addressed each other ?
    Re: the second shot photo. Please note the King is seated on the far left & the Queen( Tan Chin Beng ) is seated on the far right.
    How apt. Is that not how a royalty is seated ?
    Sorry, cant remember the boy’s name & the incident. Maybe other can help.
    Rosebud & Mano are our Juniors whereas LMS136 is our senior.
    Mano is trying to dig up his treasure box from his sister’s house
    for his pictures.
    I hope all can share their pictures here and have a reunion party after that in Jalan Pasir Puteh School hall.
    Got to go to school

  4. Chu Kheng ( James ) Ong says:

    Goodday Mates, Melbourne calling. I actually still have these pics in my archives. Located 2nd row fourth from left is where I am in the 1961 std 2 class. In as much as i would like to rejuvenate some frienship with the std 2 class, the only one that i can rememnber well is Foo Fooi, who went to ASI with myself.

    What’s your problem Dr David, Chin Beng looks so cute, I could have pounced on “her”. I played a side kick and did not feature in this shot. Being a trouble maker, I can understand the authorities overlooked me for a major role….devastation!!

    Sorry, rosebud, mano, & Aaron. Cannot place or remember you all, as you know, one tends to mixed with the same year students.

    Chu Kheng ( aka james )

  5. ika says:

    Hi IVANHOE GS. In order not too overload Dato Lat with mails, please let me send him the url although I am pretty sure he knows about ipohWorld already.

    And by the way, welcome to our world, ipohWorld.

  6. sk says:

    Hi Ivanhoe GS. Didnt know we were featured in Lat.
    Rosebud mentioned about it but havent seen it yet.
    Ipohworld couldnt replicate here as it is copyrighted by NST.
    Maybe back to our schoolboys prank.
    Pay the newspaper gatekeeper 50 cents to get it photocopied.
    He He ( imagining Lat Mophaired boy cartoon laughing showing all the buckle tooth )

  7. sk says:

    Hi James Ong Chu Kheng,
    No wonder couldnt pick you up
    as I couldnt recognise you.
    I know you are a great hockey player. Glad you kept in touch, Mate.
    Melbourne ? A lot of ASIians are there. Any idea where is little boy blue Kevin Lai Kok Yoong ?

  8. sk says:

    Let’s see how many I can recognised
    besides mentioned earlier in the thread.
    Standing back row from left to right :No.8 ( Gooi Boon Eng ), No 11 (handsome young boy that looks that a Kwei loh. Have admired his looks.Got a double promotion ), No. 13 ( Ng Yim Tuck – deceased – died in a tragic motorcycle accident in 1970 – was my best of friends & badminton partner ),
    Standing middle row left to right :No 6 ( Wong….) No.9 ( Partially hidden by the male teacher – Leong See Meng ), No 16 & extreme right standing next to me ( Choong Yoong Chyuan )
    Sitting left to right: No 2 sitting next to Old King Cole ( Aaron ),
    Correct me if I am wrong. That’s 47 years ago.

  9. sk says:

    Sorry, mate, Alexandra,
    Cant tell you if its the sports training centre.
    Perhaps a kind Ipohite can let you know.
    In my yonder days, like LMS136 description, there was an open field
    belonging to the Malay School.

  10. sk says:

    Recognition on 2nd shot. Jot down before I forget
    Standing at the back row L to R – 3rd from the left : Mok Thoo Khong.
    Standing at the back row 3rd from the right – That was the boy where I described in ” Calling All Old Andersonians” post where he was hit by a stone under the tree near the school canteen.

  11. rosebud says:

    hi SK-The main cast with speaking roles were made up of std 4 boys while we std 3 boys(Mano & I)were in the choir & as extras. I’ve never said this play was featured by Lat but the school stage was. There was a page in Town Boy where Lat performed a hula dance accompanied by a pianist (Mrs Yap?)& a turbanned Sikh(HM Bhagwan Singh?) was in the audience. The stage was drawn accurately & in detail by Lat. He must have a photographic memory as he even included the notice board. I recently found a photo of this stage with that notice board not of the play but another event. I will scan & send it to Ika soon. Talking about strange coincidences-you mentioned a Ng Yim Tuck who died in a motorcycle accident in 1970. In that same year a Form 4 ACS schoolmate of mine named Ng Peng Tuck also died in a motorcycle accident & I attended his wake at Hume St. He was only 16.

  12. Chu Kheng Ong says:

    Hi SK, seems you know lots about me. Little boy blue is in Melbourne, you have his email. Lots of old ASI past students in Melb…one of world most livable city. Pity people drift apart & lead their own lives. I probably catch up with Eng Soon & Little boy blue once a year, if that.
    Yes, remember the name Yim Tuck. We always think we r invincible when in our teens. I had my brush with death also in a motor bike crash with little boy blue as pillion. Bike was total write off, we both walked away with minor scratches…there must be a god.
    Yes, love those days in Pasir Puteh, esp the school yard fights then straight after into B Singh’s office for canning. And you know what..I can see it in his eyes that he does not enjoy dishing the rottan. He was a top principal & a kind man. God bless his soul…………………………………………
    Chu Kheng

  13. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud,
    My sincere condolence to the demise of your friend, Ng Peng Tuck. How sad & how a coincidence.
    The late Ng Yim Tuck’s stayed in Shatin park. Have lost touch with his family long time ago.
    Thanks for your beautiful recollection of Old King Cole.
    Was there a dialogue ?
    Can you remember what the dialogue
    was all about?
    Lat must be in Std Vl then as he was 2 or 3 years my senior.
    I am familiar with his art as the kampong he stayed at was close to my house in New Pasir Puteh.
    I remember he drew a spot where ice blocks were sold wrapped with saw-dust in New Pasir Puteh.
    I was one of the helpers assisting
    my neighbour selling the ice blocks during the festive month of Ramadan.
    Good, Rosebud, looking forward for your scan.
    Hopefully ika would publish it.

  14. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    I remember the kampong . I had a Standard 1 classmate who lived there and I had been over to play badminton with him . And of course , the ice factory with the “woody” saw dust smell .

    Any one can recall the coconut oil producing factory on Jalan Pasir Puteh but quite close to Jalan Datoh ?
    We made a school trip there . Coconut flesh was extracted , toasted and then ran through the press to produce oil which was then processed . The residual was sold for animal feed . What a fragrance the entire process produced !

    I had to pass by the factory each dau on the way home from school , at which time the factory would be running into full production . A very delightful aroma to be enjoyed , all for free !

  15. sk says:

    Ha ha ha, LMS136,
    Coconut fragrance for free ?
    I couldnt remember the coconut factory and I think the factory has long gone with shop houses built therein. Or is it still there ?
    Jalan Datoh ? Oh, my grandma was staying there where the present Shell petrol station is.
    I think Jalan Datoh was the resident of millionaire Dato’ Lao Pak Kuan.
    Jalan Datoh was once a short cut to Jalan Lahat & to ACS before the bridge was built crossing over to Jalan Pasir Puteh.
    The only coconut factory I could remember was in New Pasir Puteh near where Mano stayed.
    It was a coconut confectionery producing coconut sweet wrapped in coloured paper.
    I used to watch them produce the sweet coconut paste in a fiery pot, cool it on the table and when it was cool, they would rolled the sweet, cut it & wrapped it. For watching, I was rewarded with the broken ends of the sweet.

  16. Old timer says:

    Your memory is very good. One visit to the factory and you could remember the process. It was just as you described. It was at the crossroad (now with traffic lights.) It was along Jalan Pasir Puteh. If you going to the town and you turned right, it will be Jalan tokong. If you are going straight, the copra processing plant will be on your left just after the traffic light.
    I believed it closed down in the 70’s. It is now a 2nd hand car lot.

  17. sk says:

    Hi Old Timer,
    My mind totally blank on this copra
    factory. We used to go to Tow Boo Keong Hall to play badminton and buy tortoise dumplings during “Kow Wong Yeh” but didnt noticed that factory.
    Back in 70’s closed ?. I must have left Kinta Valley then.

  18. LMS136 says:

    Hi Old timer ,

    Thanks for the affirmation . It was located exactly at the spot which you described . I suppose I should really say Jalan Tokong rather than Jalan Datoh .

    There was actually a short cut through my friend’s family bungalow which was just slightly off Jalan Pasir Puteh , a small path cutting through secondary jungle , leading downslope to emerge into Jalan Datoh . I used this path during my Lower Secondary days when I walked to ACS in broad daylight to pursue extra-curricular activities .

    The factory visit took place when I was in Standard 4 . I was so taken in by the aroma that it led to my liking for coconut flavored sweets (“yeh chi tong”) 🙂

    It’s a pity that it closed down in the ’70s , no wonder I could not locate it in the ’80s . What a pity ! Second hand car businesses do not have any comparable character .

    Hi sk ,

    The “tortoise” man tou tasted quite good when deep fried and eaten with a sprinkling of salt . I enjoyed the “fire walking” ceremony , the vegetarian dish and the stage opera during the Nine God Emperor Festival . The incense fume was quite purifying .

  19. sk says:

    Hi James Ong Chu Kheng,
    Yes, say hi to Kevin Lai Kok Yoong when you see him next.
    If I have known all of you have assembled in Melbourne, I could have met all of you to have a reunion when I was there 2 years ago.
    Australia is a nice country.
    Before I went to Melbourne, I stopped over in Sydney on route to New Zealand.
    On the way back to Malaysia, I landed in Adelaide, stayed a couple of days & drove a rented car to Melbourne.
    It was a picturesque Great Ocean Road and marvelled the Twelve or is it Seven Apostles and other beautiful awesome sight along the way.
    In Melbourne, we stayed at Little Bourke Street and I noticed the Ozs were quite apprehensive when I approached them for direction.
    However, some were very kind, not only to show me the direction but
    led me right up to the doorstep of the destination.

    If you are in Nunawading, please try an Andersonian Restaurant by
    Jimmy Khong

    It Is Happy Cook Peking Cuisine
    156 Springvale Road
    Nunawading 3131
    Tel : 98941683
    Open Mon – Sun 11.30am – 2.30am – Lunch

    5.30pm – 10.00am – Dinner
    Close on Tuesday

    A little bit about Jimmy Khong.
    Jimmy is with Happy Cook and his restuarant churns out the best Peking Duck in Town and was highlighted in the Australian The Age Epicure Column under Duck Hunting.
    It was very timely when the story was out as it was during the Beijing Olympic.
    The moment the story hit the street, his hands were full with blistering orders.
    He prepares the Peking Duck himself.
    Even when I was dining with him, I could hear many orders from the incessant phone calls
    He also recommended Sharkfin Restaurant in Little Bourke Street
    & New Kum Dan Restuarant( 15, Heffernan Lane near Little Bourke Street) in Melbourne which are also good.
    He told us Kok Wah and a few Andersonians have tried there.

    He has a wall of accolades from Celebrities…

    After a sumptious meal, he treated us with his desserts.

    I know you because I was sitting next to you in Std Vl & Mrs Hew Chai Kee was our class teacher.

    I would have gone with you to Anderson ( story at ” Calling All Old Andersonians “) and we lost touch after that.

    I remember you stayed at Housing Trust, Off Kampar Road. ( Jalan Choo Cheng Khay or somrthing like that )

    Thank God that he has protected you
    and Kok Yoong from a nasty accident during your school days and I see Oon Eng Soon is also with you in Melbourne. Say hi for me but most probably he doesnt know me.
    Has his scholar brother, Oon Eng Hock retired ?
    Had always admired his examination results. Straight A’s
    Keep in touch

  20. sk says:

    Yes, LMS136,
    The “Tortoise” Man Tou tasted good
    also when you fried with egg.
    Always packet ” Ta Pau” whenever
    I go back to Ipoh during the festival.
    Cannot imagine how they walked over the fire.
    They must be spiritually & mentally clensed

  21. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    Re your exchange with James Ong , were you referring to Jimmy Khong Fong Seng ? Their family used to operate a coffee shop on Cockman Street on the same side of the road as Lido Cinema .

    He used to run the Fortuna Village Restaurant in Chinatown , Melbourne . The food was pretty good and date pudding was one of his specialities .

  22. SK says:

    Yes, LMS136,
    That’s Jimmy Khong Fong Seng.
    He was also a pupil in NTPS-JPP.
    Yes, he ran the Chinese Restaurant
    in China Town, Melbourne but moved to suburb, Nunawading.
    I think he could be the same year with you in NTPS-JPP.
    Are you an acquaintance or related to him or looks like you have been to his restaurant?
    Initially, I thought he was in Melbourne but he kept me informed all along my trip from NZ – Australia.
    He called me several times on my Malaysian Handphone which must have cost him a bomb !
    Ultimately, I took a train from Melbourne to meet up with him at the restaurant.
    When I arrived there at about 5 p.m.,though the restaurant was not opened for business yet, he was kind enough to open the door to let me in.
    What a remarkable person.
    Are there anymore of his relative running a coffee shop in Cockman Street ?
    Yes, his dessert is very exception
    & his specialty.
    Maybe I just email him this thread & wait for his response.
    On another matter, there was also a Chinese noodle stall in Victoria Market and the owner also hails from Ipoh.
    He was selling Curry Mee & etc.

  23. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    Yes , we are talking of the same guy . I had been to his restaurant in Melbourne City a couple of times . It was quite amusing how I “discovered” him after all these years . I rang up to make a booking and found that the voice at the other end sounded very familiar . When I turned up at his restaurant eventually , we had no problem recognizing each other . Jimmy used to visit us quite frequently during school days although we were not classmates .

    I heard that unfortunately Fortuna Village had to close down a couple of years ago after a severe fire outbreak . It must have affected him somewhat after having run the restaurant for a decade and a half . He gave the business all his attention . He had a well-stocked bar and decorative porcelain plates with the autographed pictures of the tennis star , Hingis were proudly displayed on the walls . He enjoyed a good share of European customers .

    He told me that he switched to the restaurant business during his studies . Jimmy is Hainanese and his wife is a true blue Hainanese from Hong Kong . He was quite innovative with his cuisine .

    His dad passed on more than a dozen years ago . They gave up the Cockman Street coffee shop in the late ’70s if I recall correctly .

  24. sk says:

    Yes, LMS136, you hit the jackpot.
    Do you still go to Melbourne or are you already there.
    You can pay him a visit.
    Besides our bloggers here, like James Ong, Mano etc, Lam Thye Loy,
    the Thunder Bolt of 100 M is there.
    Come sports day in Anderson, he would make a cleen sweep of the track event during the school days.
    The Anderson 4 X 100 Metre making up of Lee Ean Keong, Teoh Ghim Meng, Kok Wai Sum, Lam Thye Loy & reserve Dangerman Lee Ean Chiew were invincible during their era.
    They were trained by Mr Eddy Chin.
    I have an opportunity to meet all of them, but Lam Thye Loy, recently including Mr Eddy Chin.
    I believe you would know Mr Eddy Chin as he was teaching in ACS.

  25. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    You bet that I should know Eddy Chin ! He was many years my senior and was a very outstanding athlete .
    He married one of my favorite teachers , the Iron Lady , the late Tye Soh Sim .

    I live in KL but I do visit Australia now and then . Some of the Andersonians you mentioned are familiar names to me . Would like to catch up with them some time .

    I will certainly look Jimmy up the next time I am there . He rarely visits Malaysia . You know , when he ran Fortuna Village , he didn’t quite recommend the other Chinese restaurants to me ….hahaha !

  26. sk says:

    Still on Sports. We have one Andersonian – Chan Wan Seong in a World Class Badminton Meet in Pattaya currently going on from Nov 19 to 21, 2010 and he is battling out in a semi-final clash this morning.
    He cleared a tough quarter-final with a Thai opponent which he texted me last night.

    You can read this here

    2) His preparation

    3) – Video of Pattaya Indoor Sport Stadium.

    We wish him every success & I told him to have a foot massage, a good rest & stay clear of the naughty area.
    Chan Wan Seong & your team members, keep the Jalur Gemilang flying in Pattaya.
    We also wish Datuk Lee Chong Wei to clear his next hurdle in Guangzhou.
    I was just watching his re-run All England 2010 match last night.

  27. TYF says:

    Chu Kheng, you may not even remember me. We were in fact related. I was 1 year your senior in NTPS JPP and then in ASI. I can still remember your rendition of Bee Gees’ Massachusetts in the talent-time (was it 1969 or 1970?). Your father is 王先承 and my grandfather is 王光国. Now probably you’ll remember. Catch me at yftham52@yahoo.com

  28. Rosebud says:

    SK-I cant remember the dialogue or what the story was about of the play but a certain song from it about a lovelorn lass pining for her soldier lover is forever etched in my mind.Mano who was in the same choir with me also remembered it & we wrote about it in an earlier blog. Lat was a ‘special Malay class’ boy meaning he made a mid primary transition from Malay stream to English.I cant recall how this scheme works. I think its like those Form 1 Chinese stream transition to English, In early 70s I remember they have to attend ‘remove class’ for a year before they can go to English stream Form 1. So by the time these Chinese streamers enter Form 1 they will be a year older than English streamers. I have most of Lat’s books & I know what his cartoons meant. He relived his life as a boy through his cartoons & drew a lot about his time spent growing up in Ipoh, NTPS Pasir Puteh & Anderson School. He is just like you & me here talking about our younger days except he does his talking through this medium.

  29. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud,
    Thanks for your info.
    Maybe if we meet we can exchange notes.
    Remove Class ? Yes, I still remember them. Dont know if there still practice it.

  30. felicia says:

    Hi SK, Rosebud, Mano…and all you NTPS-Pasir Puteh guys!
    just curious: in Lat’s ‘Town Boy’ he mentioned a guy names Frankie. any idea what’s happened to him? was he an old boy of NTPS Pasir Puteh or Anderson?
    perhaps, if Lat is reading this…maybe he could tell us more 😉

  31. sk says:

    Re: Posting No: 31
    Chan Wan Seong wrote :-

    Sorry, yesterday morning ( ie Sunday 21/11/2010 ),
    I narrowly lost a tough semi-final by 4 points to Steven Oh, a former S’pore national player n a previous World Chinese Champion in the 50-54
    age group. He then lost in the final to an amazing 59 year old Taiwanese
    who has been a champion a few times in previous years. I have to settle just a Bronze medal.
    Very disappointed to miss out on final after training so hard.
    At semi-final stage,competition is at high level n very tough.
    Difference between victory n defeat is a few mistakes here n there.”

    Not to fret, Wan Seong, you are still young. One day your gold will come.
    You are still No 3 in the World.

    Datuk Lee Chong Wei also lost in the 3 game thriller but one day, he will also
    be a Gold winner.

    Remember, to strive, to seek , to find & not to yield.


  32. rosebud says:

    SK- Who knows bro,one day we all NTPS-Pasir Puteh alumni will all get to meet & have the time of our lives sharing the old days. I dont think you are in Ipoh are you? Mano & many others are in Oz & I am in Spore. Sorry Felicia, cant help you about Frankie either.

  33. Mano says:

    Lat’s characters, as we know, were caricatures of actual people recognizable to those who knew them in person. However, I doubt if he has ever gone on to actually naming them in his cartoons. So the question here is why the exception with Frankie? Moreover, a name (glamarous?) like Frankie was literally unknown way back then. Children of Christian faith would have more likely been named and called Francis. So, I am guessing that Frankie is a fictitous character!

  34. rosebud says:

    I think this part of the world became flooded with Frankies after a hit tear jerker of a song called Frankie was recorded by Connie Francis in early 60s. A local group Crescendoes also recorded it & was equally popular. I know of 3 Frankies among my own circle of friends. Maybe our music guru ‘Retired Falcon’ can lend his expertise on these music matters to help us lesser mortals.

  35. LMS136 says:

    I made a day trip to Ipoh and just reached home .

    At my request , my friend drove me up and down Jalan Pasir Puteh and past our alma mater .

    Well , NTPS JPP is no more in existence . The school sign board reads : “SMK (Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan) Jalan Pasir Puteh . It has been upgraded to a national type secondary school . The site is densely built up with 2-storey buildings . I am not sure whether the single storey buildings had been demolished and replaced with the higher level buildings , or the structure was strong enough for the old buildings to be extended upwards .

    The 2 units of single storey bungalows located next to the TNB sub-station are no longer there .

    Alexandra , the old 2-storey wooden structure Malay School had been taken down . In its place stands a
    2-storey brick and mortar building with these words emblazoned across the tiled roof –

    Pusat Sukan Cemerlang. ( Sports Centre of Excellence )
    Jabatan Pendidekan. ( Education Department )

    New Pasir Puteh is very developed merging into Pengkalan . My old house , No. 94 Jalan Pasir Puteh and all the other units in the two back-to-back rows of single – storey wooden terraced houses with zinc roof have been demolished . They have been replaced by modern terraced houses .

    Only about ten per cent of the Pasir Puteh I knew remains .

  36. felicia says:

    Hi LMS136…you must have been away from Ipoh for a LONG time! the ‘new’ Pasir Puteh is what i’m more familiar with; i didn’t know about those wooden terrace houses with a zinc roof, neither have i seen the old wooden Malay School 😉

  37. LMS136 says:

    felicia ,

    I must admit that in the ’70s and even up to the late ’80s , whenever I returned to Ipoh for a visit , I would always make it a point to drive along Jalan Pasir Puteh , as it brought so many memories of my formative years .

    However , I visited Ipoh less frequently between 1990 to 2002 because I was out of the country for a number of years and on my return , work demands kept me away .

    I must admit that I have lost touch somewhat . Perhaps , oldtimer or Leong Yew Kee or other long time denizens of Ipoh have a clue on when 94 Jalan Pasir Puteh and the Malay School were taken down ?

  38. Mano says:

    When I visited NPP a couple of years ago, The Malay School was no more and NTPP school name had changed but the old classrooms were still there. I had this sad feeling that it won’t be for long.
    LMS136, I lived at 7 Jln Pasir Puteh till 1963. When I went there, the house had become a motor mechanics shop.

  39. LMS136 says:

    Hi Mano ,

    We didn’t live too far from each other then .

    Yes , those days the shops were occupied for light repairs , light industries and sundry shop businesses .

    I suppose after all these years all records and vestiges of our primary school alma mater have either been discarded all erased . What a shame !

  40. Oon Eng Hock says:

    Wandered into this site. I’m still alive and kicking. Ong Chu Kheng must be my classmate Ong Chu Hwa’s brother, if I’m not mistaken. I was in Pasir Puteh from 1956 to 1960. Lam Thye Loy and Lee Ean Chiew served in the ASI Prefects Board 1967. Vice Captain Yeong Sek Yee and I trying to locate them. Any leads? Google “andersonians-arts” to see how the USA1967 people have got themselves organised and contacted each other again after 43 years.

  41. sk says:

    I lived in 429A, New Pasir Puteh.
    I have cows & the smell of dungs for
    my neighbour.
    Visitors seldom stayed long and we lived through our normal live catching fish at the nearby river,
    spider at the nearby Kampong, building tree house at the nearby farm and bountiful of fresh vegetables every day.
    The place has been torn down
    to make room for a modern housing estate.
    We bought Beano, Dandy, Comics,
    Marbles, shuttlecocks from the nearby Indian shop and also was too young to know what a rubber sheath
    packed in a ” Gold Coin” was, thinking it was some chocolate coins for sweet-tooth children !
    From the report, I must have missed the transformation of NTPS-JPP as I have not visited the school for a long time.
    Viva – NTPS-JPP

  42. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    Those days they sold a type of chewing gum in a block form which after you had chewed enough to extract all the sugary flavor , you could blow up to a sizable balloon .

    I hope you didn’t blow up the “Gold Coin” enclosure thinking that it was some kind of party pack balloon ….hahaha ! You would be out of breath .

    Some years ago , there was a sizable operation in Ipoh manufacturing the “Gold Coin” type of product .Guess the name of the company ? It had to be “Safeskin” ! The product was claimed to have a capacity to take pressure up to 150 pounds per square inch . Safety guaranteed .

  43. sk says:

    ha ha LMS136
    At least you know what I was talking about as I havent learn about biology lesson. It was James Ong that taught me my first Birds & Bees Lesson & none from the teachers.
    I was a slow starter at Std Vl.
    No I didnt blow the Gold Coin as I thought it was a chocolate.
    I can still chew & blow the gum but Rosebud will not like it as it is banned there.

  44. LMS136 says:

    Hi Onn Eng Hock ,

    I am glad that you are now on-site .

    Ten of us “renegades” headed off to ACS after NTPS JPP – to these days I am still in the dark as to how the decision was made . No regrets though as far as I am concerned .

    We had a quick “roll call” over lunch last Sunday when I was up in Ipoh . Unfortunately , and quite sadly , two met with an early death at a very young age . One succumbed to a terminal disease . The other died in very unfortunate circumstances .

    I hope all is well with you . Are you still in Ipoh or have you re-located ?

  45. sk says:

    Hi Oon Eng Hock,
    I thanked LMS136 for alerting me that you have written.
    You dont know me but certainly we know you especially with your fantastic Form V & Upper Six Results.
    I remember mesmerise by your results
    when it was displayed at the ASI foyer just below the Staircase.
    I am not even a whisker from your results.
    What surprised us was with your fantastic results, you would have been a Professor but you chose
    your passion in Aeronautical Engineering Lecturing in Ungku Omar Polytechnic.
    I remember you kept so many toy airplanes which was published in the Straits Times & that you shaved your head bald for a Charitable Cause.
    So, how have you been ?
    Looks like you are a recluse hibernating somewhere.
    See the Post at Calling All Old Andersonians at ipohworld.
    You can catch up your old friends from there.
    James Ong Chu Kheng was my schoolmate as well as your brother Oon Eng Soon.
    Good that you have touched base
    & please feel free to contribute in the ipohworld
    Cheers – Happy New Year 2011 & to those celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you

  46. Chu Kheng ( James ) Ong says:

    Yeah, Eng Hock. Your right. I’m Chu Hwa’s bro. I see your bro Eng Soon in Melb. every now & then. he’s born again u know. I believe your in S’pore. Chu Hwa left England & back to Fam business in JB since 1994. Retired now.

    There’s a 68-70 ASI ( really the core guys are the hockey players) re union coming up 5 & 6th Feb in Ipoh. It’s going to be a huge bash with guys not seeing each other for 40 yrs!! Eng Soon still undecided. Am working on him.
    LMS, in the 60’s, unless u are a chinese christian, Ipoh boys tends to head to the best govt school, in ASI. No hard feelings, but ASI was the premier school then. It may have changed somewhat. You nominate your preference and all fail, u get to go to wherever they post you. Of course good academia helps, but i got through by the back door having a smart bro who was aleady in ASI. You see I was not the smartest in school.
    Having said, some of the smart cookies ( Chan chee Keongs children r all from ACS) & they boast to have great hockey talents.
    Got to know a few ex ACS guys in Melb.


  47. Chu Kheng ( James ) Ong says:

    Hi LMS, you are pretty vocal on this site. Sad to say i do not think we’ve crosssed path. What’s your claim to fame in Ipoh? BTW,you would know Jared Seah & Kenny & Danny Chan. Won’t you?

  48. LMS136 says:

    Hi Chu Kheng ,

    Fame ? I am just very much the boy-next-door type , alive to current affairs , sometimes standing pretty firm on “time cherished” values , and certainly wanting the best (even if at times it is only a dream) in the development of a civil society .

    I hope that my being “pretty vocal” does not create too much offence . But I do try to ensure that I am neither invasive of nor disruptive to the rights and privacy of others .

    Yes , I have yet to have the privilege of meeting you but I am in no doubt that we will have the opportunity at some point in time to meet up and share experiences , views and laughters 🙂

    ACS Ipoh’s appeal to me was that it inculcated in me an outlook in life and behaviour not quite in the mould of a government school , even a premier one . There are many traditions and values from my ACS experience that I still hold dear to .

    I was probably one of the very rare specimens who had the nerve in Form 4 to march up to the principal on the 2nd day of the school year to demand that I be moved from the Science stream to the Arts stream . All the teachers , all local except 1 Singaporean , did a very good job by the Arts boys . I am very beholden to the ACS stage productions , the library and the stimulation of the mind which helped many of us to stand up in a wider world arena .

    Jared , Kenny and Danny ? Their Christian names are not familiar to me . Do you have their Chinese names ? It might also well be the case that they were either ahead of my year or even behind .

    Do take care . Should you come back either to KL or Ipoh at some point in time , there may be a possibility that we may meet up . All my 3 younger brothers attended ASI .

  49. sk says:

    Hi Oon Eng Hock,

    I met Ean Chiew a month back at PJ
    whilst Lam Thye Loy, I have been
    corresponding with him once a while.

    I have forwarded your thread to them & we shall await for their response.

    Get Connected via ipohworld

  50. sk says:

    Hi Oon Eng Hock,

    Appending herewith is Lew Ean Chiew Statement

    “It has been 43 years since I last saw Oon Eng Hock our ex- Head boy and the nation’s top scholar for HSC in !967.
    Ean Chiew ”

    Well you can get in touch with him via ipohworld.

    Kindly furnish ipohworld your email to me, then I will forward to Ean Chiew


  51. sk says:

    Hi Lam Thye Loy,
    Glad that you responded.
    Ean Chiew & you must be special to Oon Eng Hock that he remembers both of you.
    If there were 20 subjects in the eamination syndicate then, he would have “sapu” (sweeped) all with straight A’s’.
    Fantastic boy & what a boy genius.
    So how have you been, the Thunder Bolt lightning of 100 metre sprint?
    You are the pride & treasured property of Anderson.
    Have you looked up Jimmy Khong Fong Seng in Nunawading ? Say hi for me.
    Tell him we are trying to locate the Std Vl girls for him.

  52. Choong says:

    Cant help browsing this blog here. Hmmm .. Oon Eng Hock ? Any chance you were in the AS Cadet Corps/Band ? I have a foto of the School Band 1966……..

  53. Choong says:

    YA… i remember Lim Kok Sin, in my class. Know his whereabout ?? Chan? I may not know him. My memories not so good, maybe. BTW, I managed to get in touch with Thomas(Frederick) Ham, on FB via Joseph. I informed him of this blog also. Maybe he will reply?

  54. sk says:

    Hi Choong
    Kok Sin did some postings here
    regarding his mom taking him to the cinema when he was young….
    Chan Heng Hock played the Big Boom.
    Go to Calling All Old Andersonians
    in this ipohworld & you may find your old friends there.

  55. Oon Eng Hock says:

    sk,I didn’t stay in Aeronautics for long, ending my sojourn in 1978 when I went into Palm Oil. Had a good run for 12 years after I had taken up flying in 1966. Left behind a published contribution to the aeronautical world. You can see it in full; google “decay of trailing vortices, e.h. oon”.

    Ean Chiew & Thye Loy, my email ycoon@tm.net.my. Sek Yee, Vice-Captain, & I are trying to get all the Prefects Board 1967 together again. Including the 2 of you, that’s 16 souls out of 33 accounted for. You can see a photo of all of you in “andersonian-arts” blogsite.

    Chu Kheng, any contact details for Chu Hwa?

    Choong, no I wasn’t a Cadet, but Kok Sin & I are in regular contact through email. Kok Sin will always remain in my mind as the crooner of “Some Enchanted Evening”.

  56. sk says:

    Thanks Oon Eng Hock for your kind response.
    Will take a look.
    Will forward this to the rest of the guys.
    Yes, have seen the Andersonian Arts blogsite.
    Pang Hooi Sin is trying to contact Paul Chong
    in Perth to play a round of Golf.

  57. Chung Foo Weng (Ken) says:

    Just stumble onto this blog and I can’t remember that far!! Did recognize myself sitting next to the male teacher. Yes, Chu Kheng,its been a long time since the housing trust days!! I have been in Hamilton NZ since 1973.

  58. Chu Kheng ( James ) Ong says:

    Say LMS, would like to apologise for the heavy words i used “claim to fame”. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. was only tring to be friendly the “Kwai Low” way. Then just realised we have diff backg & perhaps views. As ipoh was a small town, was simply trying to place you. Like those guys I know who came frm ACS to Melb, i thought we may have mutual friends.

    You mentioned 3 bros of yours attended ASI, maybe i know them?

    Hope to bump into you, as there is an ASI class 68-70 re union organised for 5-7 feb 2011, meeting in Impala and then full program including a hockey game, golf, karoake etc.

    Would make so much noise that the town would know the Andersonians are back>>>>>:)Friends again…………??

  59. LMS136 says:

    Hi Chu Kheng,

    No apologies needed. I am quite familiar with the expression but you know I am a little cheeky so I thought I would pull your legs in my earlier response to you. I hope I did not come across as being too facetious 🙂

    I have since met up with Eng Hock and sk. I gather you will be back in Malaysia during the CNY period and if you are, we could catch up some time if you are keen. Do let me have your contact particulars and I will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can contact me through sk.

    I don’t know if you have come across Lean Meng Hin, Lean Meng Chee (Robert) and Lean Meng Tuck in ASI. They are my brothers.

    It is always great to have a school reunion. I am sure that you will all raise the noise levels to the appropriate level but don’t paint the town too red!

    Hope to meet up with you. Meanwhile, cheers!

  60. sk says:

    Hi, Chung Foo Weng ( Ken ),

    Gosh, Foo Weng, its a long long time. I remember you.
    You were tall & slim.
    I dont know if Dr Cheah Foo Fooi is referring to you when he said
    the boy who struggles to pronounce ” Ohio” See posting No 5.
    How are you, buddy ?
    I was in New Zealand & could have looked you up when I was there for a holiday and we passed through Hamilton from Rotorua enroute to Auckland.
    New Zealand is a beautiful country & I just wrote about their
    traffic system there.

    Append herewtih is my Letter to the Editor to the Star
    Jan 23, 2011


    Observe speed limit like Kiwis

    ROAD accidents and fatalities during festive seasons regularly claim many lives. We need to instil good driving habits and also have uncompromising enforcement.
    I have just returned from New Zealand and would like to share a few observations.
    I was seated behind the driver of our tour coach from Queenstown to Christchurch and I saw he was hovering between 90kph and 95kph (there’s a 90kph speed limit for coaches).
    At one particular stretch, his speedometer touched 100kph. As soon as that happened, a police patrol car from the opposite direction flashed its revolving blue lights, signalling the coach driver to stop.
    He was slapped with a NZ$80 (RM185) fine for speeding and he received demerit points without any compromise. The enforcement officers in New Zealand mean business and are very strict, yet also humane.
    As I was driving and snaking along a trunk road late one night, I was jolted to my senses by a short blast of siren and flashing blue lights from behind.
    A patrol car had been tailing me for the past half hour after the officers noticed me zigzagging on the road. I tested negative for alcohol and was let off with a warning. They advised me to take a nap before continuing my journey.
    The speed limit in New Zealand is 100kph on trunk roads, 40kph to 60kph within town limits, dropping to 25kph in a school zone.
    I noticed that the drivers there automatically slow down when they approach a town zone. How I wish these habits can be inculcated in Malaysia.
    For speedsters here, I would rather see you make the nation proud by finishing first on the Sepang F1 circuit than be first in the “heavenly” line.
    S.K. ONG,
    Kuala Lumpur.

    Hope you will keep in touch

  61. Chung Foo Weng (Ken) says:

    Hi SK
    One thing you may haver overlooked is that there seems to be a unspoken quota for the police to write so many tickets a week!! Yes, the South Island in NZ is breath taking even for the Kiwis in the North Island.
    May be Dr Cheah was refering to me.. can’t remember!! I do remember partnering Foo Fooi in badminton in the same team.
    Now, I am trying to picture you. Give me some clues.
    I gather from Chu Kheng thast there is a big reunion next week. Should be memorable. Hope to see some photos.

  62. sk says:

    Sharing with Ipohites a Poignant story in Korea

    Saturday Star Paper November 12, 2011

    Skinny-dipping in South Korea

    After a long flight and three, weary hours on the bus to Kensington Flora Hotel in Odaesan, South Korea, I was looking forward to a refreshing hot spring bath.

    The tour guide said that at the baths for men and women, you had to remove all clothing before entering. I had not experienced a hot spring bath but enjoyed it tremendously even though I was not used to wearing my birthday suit in front of strangers.

    I also tried out the thermal bath, steam and sauna rooms. At one point, I befriended a Korean and, using sign language, combined with a bit of broken English, I found out from my newfound friend that there was a swimming pool outside the enclosed thermal pool.

    As I made my way along a dark winding path, I spotted the swimming pool and without further thought, immediately jumped in. Oops, too late. I heard children, men and women splashing and screaming at the other side of the pool. This was a public pool! And I was still in my birthday suit!

    SK Ong, Kuala Lumpur

    NB It was edited as someone needs to be pulverised for giving me a wrong info – finger pointing towards the guide. Ha 3.

  63. sk says:

    Hi Ipohites & Ipohworld readers,

    It was a historic occasion meeting Ken Chung Foo Weng
    in Petaling Jaya at Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant, Damansara Utama after almost 50 years apart on 31st December, 2011.
    It was through Ipohworld that we got connected at Posting No 70 Dated 30th December 2010 and a year ensued before we met up.
    What a way to celebrate 2012 with a long lost pal.
    For a person who could not pronounce ” Ohio”,
    see Cheah Foo Fooi posting No 5, Ken Chung is now
    a successful man in Hamilton, NZ.
    Ken Chung worked very hard to get his education paid in NZ by playing guitar in a club in the wee hours in the morning.
    It was a good treasure as he showed us the picture of Mrs Hew & Mdm Chow still in mint condition.
    He managed to salavage these pictures from an inferno
    that happened in his Ipoh home.
    Ken, please remember to send these NTPS, JPP pictures to us.
    Hope you are reading this as Cheah Foo Fooi is also on his way to NZ in the hope of getting connected via Ipohworld.
    Compare Ken picture ( hope this works )http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AaMWrJs0aN2jiY with his 1962 Std 2 picture.
    He kept good record of the picture & the male teacher is Mr Loh. Whata good nostalgic trip.
    Happy New Year 2012 & Gong Xi Fa Cai for the Chinese Dragon Year to all of you
    SK Ong

  64. ika says:

    sk, I don’t quite understand your comment. We never lock up any links that genuinely contribute to the objectives of ipohWorld. We only stop those which advertise or are not suitable for a family site such as this one.

    If you have experienced problems with earlier links then please let me have the details.

  65. sk says:

    Thanks to Ipohworld,
    Dr. Cheah Foo Fooi from Canberra, Australia
    met up his classmate Ken Chung Foo Weng from Anderon School, Ipoh in Hamilton, New Zealand recently.
    What a way to celebrate a reunion during the Chinese New Year.
    Happy Connection via Ipohworld.


    It was fantastic to meet up with Ken Chung again after all these years, he is now a big towkay Accountant in Hamilton, still plays in his band at NUrsing HOme, he was delayed from 1 pm to 3 pm as he had to attend to his drummer’s funeral, guess we are all getting old, still a great time, UNTIL, when we were leaving Hamilton we couldn’t find our hired car, being taken away hostage as the parking in Hamilton is ONLY 2 hrs ( in a shopping centre) adn had to pay NZ $170 to the council to release the hostage!, Still it was a good contribution to the economy of NZ (poor sods!) need to charge unsuspecting tourist money to park their car!. This Ole King Cole should have brought his own horse! NZ is a beautiful place, reminds me of Brisbane in the 70’s before,just the perfect amount of people, Hamilton has a river, like Ipoh, I now know why Ken like it so much!. The food is good too, the local beer extra good. Still when old Andersonians meet up, its like to good ole days of ASI, at least we havent ‘change much in our heads and our hearts.

  67. sk says:

    Ha Ha Ha, Dr. David Cheah,
    Sorry to hear about your drama in Hamilton
    and a costly visit to NZ.
    When I took my rented vehicle in UK to a remote hamlet of Northern London, there was such a similar
    system but a kind British gentleman or a British knight in a shiny armour pulled me out of this tight situation and the parking was only for an hour.
    Would you like to
    *Share your tale &

    E-MAIL your poignant, funny or strange What A Holiday! experience to star2travel.holiday@ thestar.com.my in not more than 300 words. Our Pick Of The Week wins a 2D/1N stay in a Studio Room, with breakfast for two, at the CintaAyu All Suites at Pulai Springs Resort. The voucher will be sent to the winner so please include your name and address. For prize enquires, please call the Mar-Com Department at (07) 521 2121 or e-mail: asst.mcomm.mgr@ pulaisprings.com.
    Who knows, you can be a winner !

  68. ika says:

    Hi James, I am sad to hear you say that, but all we can do is keep putting up the posts and wait for the readers to comment. It is exactly three years since we started this blog and in that time we have put up 819 posts, almost all with old photographs. You cannot imagine just how difficukt that is to do!

    However, I can assure you that we are getting more hits on the site than we did one year ago but many people, particularly Malaysians, are just too shy, frightened, lazy or introverted to actually write anything. That is a fact. Also of course ACS now has its own blog which must have taken away some of the readers/writers from this particular post. That’s life and we just have to live with that.

    So perhaps you can help by writing more often, telling your friends about us and if you are on Facebook, alert more of your your friends there.

  69. Mano says:

    Actually, I don’t quite understand, James. This has attracted quite a number of comments or, should I say, a long thread. There’s only so much you can flog from one photograph. In fact, the last few comments has nothing to do with NTPS, Jln Pasir Puteh! But that’s the way it is when you bring together people who haven’t met for decades. This blog has not only brought back fond memories of the yesteryears in Ipoh but is also keeping them very much alive as can be seen from the responses daily.

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