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October 2010

Kinta Swimming Club – Open and Beautiful

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Yes here it is and I am sure that the Hong family were overwhelmed when it was officially opened by Michelle Yeoh just recently for I know how much Hong senior has put into this project. Congratulations!

And here it is in all its glory! Submitted by Hong Soon Kheong, there are more photos on Facebook in our “Friends” album.

The membership details are as follow:


Currently they are promoting 3 categories of membership:


1) Family Transferable Membership (parents with children under 18 yrs old) – RM5,000 joining fees and RM 45 monthly subscriptions (To commemorate their recent reopening, the club is offering the 1st 200 new Family Membership free of monthly subscriptions for the next 24 months)


2) Single Transferable Membership (for one person only) – RM2,500 joining fees and RM 45 monthly subscriptions. (To commemorate their recent reopening, the club is also offering the 1st 50 new Single Membership free of monthly subscriptions for the next 24 months) 


3) Single Membership (Non-Transferable Annual Plan) – RM800 joining fees with no monthly subscription at all. Membership is valid for 1 year only.


The joining fees will increased once all the club facilities are operational after the 2nd quarter of next year.


 Any enquiries please contact +605-5278417(Office)  or Mobile +6016-3303157 (Mr Hong). 

Perak Heritage Architectural Photo Exhibition

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Now here is your chance to enjoy Ipoh’s heritage buildings all in one place at the Garden Villa, No 5 Gopeng Road. Here you will see some really great photos of our famous buildings in this heritage architectural photo exhibition. Come and see buildings as others see them, you may be surprised with what you find.

The exhibition opens on 7 November and runs until 23 November 2010

 from 11.00am to 6.00 pm daily.

Do come along and while you are there, cast your mind back to the days when Eu Tong Sen would take refuge in the Villa away from the bustle and noise of Eu Chateau. Alternatively picture it in your mind as occupied by the Japanese or as it was later a kindergarten full of local boys and girls enjoying their pre-school fun. We look forward to seeing you there. You’ll enjoy it!

The Famous Arch, over the Hugh Low Bridge

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This arch was set up over the Hugh Low Bridge, in Ipoh, somewhere in 1947. This was before the grand parade – which was held in support of the Kuomintang Party (led by General Chiang Kai Shek).

Notice the three flags at the top of the arch: the Perak Flag, the Kuomintang Flag and the Union Jack. To what we know, this parade was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Assembly Hall members and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

How many of you out there remember this arch? Anyone witnessed the parade, or maybe took part in this parade?

Do You Remember Them?

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Familiar? These were what the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers looked like in the 1960s – khaki uniform and rattan-woven shields!

Looks like they were giving a demonstration for the public – the one kneeling in the centre, facing the camera, was probably the Leader of the platoon (from the stripes on the shoulder, he was probably a Corporal).

Was this demonstration in Ipoh? Were you one of those in the crowd? Or, perhaps….were you one of those in the platoon?

We await for your comments…………..

The Garden Villa Kindie 1983

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Running this blog and database is a very interesting thing and sometimes the coincidences that take place are nothing short of amazing. The very same day that I said that I had never heard of a kindie in No 5 Gopeng Road, I visited a relation in Pasir Puteh. And there was an album full of faded coloured photos of the very same kindie!

As Felicia knows, this is not the first time that this sort of coincidence has happened. Could someone be watching over us? If they are then let us hope they continue to do so for we need all the help we can get to run this site.

Now, apart from M K Wong, who else went to this kindergarten? Was this taken on sports day? What was the kindie called? Can you recognise anyone? What else can you tell us? Naughty children stories or whatever – we need them all! Do let us know.

Perak Postcards 1890-1940

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 Once the premier state of the Federated Malay States, Perak pioneered tin mining, rubber, roads and railways in Malaya. In the early twentieth century, Europeans and Asians venturing into this frontier country bought picture postcards to send home to family, friends and pen pals all over the world. Perak Postcards 1890s-1940s represents the largest such collection ever assembled into one volume, with more than 500 picture postcards contributed by several collectors. Practically all the major Perak districts and towns are featured – Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Telok Anson and the mining towns of Kinta.

Malcolm Wade, a stalwart of the Malaya Study Guide, has written an authoritative postal history of Perak. Abdur-Razzaq Lubis and Khoo Salma Nasution, authors of the critically acclaimed Kinta Valley, Pioneering Malaysia’s Modern Development (2005) have extensively captioned the images – using contemporary sources, travelogues and memoirs to illustrate these vivid windows to the past.

This book is published by Areca Books; ISBN 978-967-5719-01-1.
The book is priced at RM 120, includes 575 postcards plus a few stationery and real photos.
For more information, do visit www.arecabooks.com or write to arecabooks.gmail.com

Garden Villa – The Annex to Forest Lodge

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This villa was build around 1910, by none other than Eu Tong Sen; Eu used this as an annex to his Chateau (Forest Lodge). We were also told that this Anglo-Malay Bungalow was the home of Japanese senior officers (between 1942-1945), and was where Ipoh residents queued up for rice coupons.

Garden Villa was also once a kindergarten, and a Christian Chapel. Today, after restoration works, it is a venue for exhibitions, talks, seminars, etc. (this was featured on a previous blog post).

Rumour has it that: the store room (in this bungalow) had a trapdoor leading to a secret room – which hid Japanese armaments! Also, this bungalow was once used as a brothel after the war!
Are there any other interesting stories about this place? I’m sure some of you out there have a tale or two to share…..

Do You Recognise This One?

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Not a very difficult question for you on this bright Monday morning, but of all the grand old buildings in Ipoh that have been torn down, I think this is the one I miss the most.

Fortunately we have this photograph as a memento of what, in my humble opinion, should never have been demolished. But it was – suddenly and without warning – for that is how we do things under Malaysia Boleh. I think it was lost to us in 2002 but I may be wrong. Does anyone know when it was built or have any history about it? More photographs would also be welcome.

Felicia is sick today so some interesting replies would certainly brighten up her day.

Perak Heritage Art Exhibition 2010

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This exhibition entitled “Ribbon of Life” will open at Garden Villa, No 5 Gopeng Road at 11.00am on 16th October 2010 and run daily from 11.am to 7.00pm until 26th October 2010, not 10.00 to 6.00 as stated on the flyer.

All exhibits are for sale and all proceeds raised will be donated to the Pink Champions Breast Cancer Welfare Association and the underprivileged through the outreach programme.

For enquiries please contact Ms Betty Caleb at 012 521 8711 or En Harith Idris at 012 521 8956.

I am sure ipohWorld readers will give their support to this great opportunity to pick up a piece of quality art and at the same time help such a worthwhile cause, but don’t dilly-dally on the way or you may miss a great bargain.

The Masonic Lodge

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Those who frequently travel along Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) would have noticed this building (see picture below).

This is the Freemason’s Lodge, which was built by B M Iversen in the 1930s. This was the second Lodge; the first one was at Maxwell Road (which was also used by Anderson School in the late 1920s).

This present building is still in use today – from what we know, the members meet here on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

A Long Time Ago at Main Convent, Ipoh

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Fellow Main Convent Alumni……….recognise this? It is said to be the kitchen. I don’t recognize it……this was WAY before my time 😉

Maybe some of you out there know which part of the Main Convent building this is……do let us know. And do tell us if this building is still there today (perhaps it has been restored / renovated?).

We await for some good news……….

Making Gopeng a Tourist Attraction

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On Thursday 7 October 2010, Nanyang Siang Pau dedicated almost its complete front page of the Perak Edition to an article (shown above) with the headline “Making Gopeng a Tourist Attraction” . The story is great for Gopeng and heritage if it all comes to fruition. The plan is to provide three new museums/galleries/displays to add to the already very successful Gopeng Museum. This will really will make Gopeng a tourist town with plenty to see.

First of all it is proposed to provide a museum dedicated to the story of the famous Gopeng pipeline, possibly using whatever has been salvaged after it was dismantled earlier this year. This proposal from YB Dato’ Hamidah Osman, Perak State Exco suggests the involvement of Osborne and Chappel UK. On the map, bottom left, this is the top building marked in brown.

Secondly an antique shophouse, Huai Gu Lou, pictured just to the right of the map in the article and shown to the extreme left on the map, is to be turned into an antique display. Entrance will be free of charge.

Finally YB Dato’ Hamidah Osman, Perak State Exco, in conjunction with MCA  are turning the square roundabout opposite the heritage row and close to the existing museum (see bottom picture) into an open air tin mining display. This will open in November and is also shown on the map.

In addition, the map shows (in light brown), the existing museum and the MCA office.

The above is only a summary of the article which is quite detailed. I would suggest you get a copy from the local Nanyang office if you wish to study it in full.

Together with the fine new Kampar Gravel Pump Mining Museum that will open next year, these two towns could well form a tourism centre that becomes a main focus of visitors to the State. Add to these Gua Tempurung, Nomad Adventure Sdn Bhd, the Gopeng Rainforest Resort, My Gopeng Resort, the established homestays in the area, all supported by the new train service stopping at Kampar, its Express Bus terminal and spanking new Grand Kampar Hotel, plus highway access to Gopeng this is a great step forward for the area. Congratulations to Dato’ Hamidah, the people of Gopeng and MCA. We wish you luck.

This will certainly put Ipoh, our deteriorating State capital, in the shade as far as tourism is concerned and underpin the Lonely Planet’s appalling view of Ipoh.

Out with the old, in with the new?

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Clearly the ‘old’ and ‘new’ don’t match here…..one looks like it may fall apart anytime soon, while the other has been left uncompleted!

These two ‘neighbours’ live at Brewster Road, Ipoh. We do wonder what the modern building is. Also, we noticed that the building has been ‘windowless’ for some time now!

Any ideas? What was there BEFORE the modern structure came up?

The Tiger Lane Mansion

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Does anyone out there know WHO this house once belonged to? It seems to have been abandoned for many years now – notice the plants growing in and around the building!

Judging from the design and the land around it, this house must have been the home of a rich Towkay. It’s a pity, such a beautiful house is now being left to rot 🙁

Those who frequently travel along Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) might find this a familiar sight. We look forward to your comments.

Love, Dream and Hope 2010

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This is an invitation for you all to the opening of a solo art exhibition in the Garden Villa No 5 Gopeng Road Sunday 3rd October at 11am. The exhibition is entitled Love, Dream and Hope 2010 and the artist is Budi Utama Siagian.

The exhibition is on from 3rd to 10th October and is open fro 11am to 6pm daily. Why not go along and support a local artist.

My apologies for the small size of the invitation print, but that is all we have to work with.

The Family Car!

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Here we have pictures of a family car, taken in the late 1950s in Kampar. These pictures are from Charlie’s personal collection – yes, this beauty (car shown above) was Charlie’s FAMILY CAR!

This one shows the same car…with the hood down.

Oh, what a treat it would be…….to ride in such a car in this modern age!

What was YOUR family car?

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