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They say chocolate is comfort-food. Well, as a chocoholic myself I agree with that statement. It’s either a few pieces broken off a big bar, or even good ‘ol chocolate ice cream. Sometimes, it’s a nice cup of rich, hot cocoa (with some marshmallows, if I can find them at the store!). How do YOU enjoy your cup of cocoa?

On that note, do you remember this brand of cocoa powder?


  1. NCK says:

    Besides cocoa powder which I’ve seen since childhood (you still find the same tin design today), Van Houten also produces chocolates. I remember part of the song in an old tv advert of its chocolates, the lyrics being “Val Houten enaknya” at the end.

  2. Ngai C O says:


    I remember this brand. It was heavily promoted at one time.

    The Malaysian branch might have gone into liquidation.

    I am not sure why but I think it had to do with its popularity. It was like you had it once, that was it. I did not like its texture, flavour and it was hard.

    Mind you Van Houten patented a process of extracting the cocoa fat from the beans and also applied another process to reduce its bitterness. It was at one time one of the largest producers of cocoa powder in the world.

    I am not mad into chocolate. My weight would have ballooned into super obese proportions.

    As I am typing I am munching Kinder. I have a tendency not to stop until I finish the packet – about 1130 calories which is appro. slightly under half a male adult daily calorie requirement.

    To burn this calorie off will require hours of work out. That is why I am not losing weight as I ought to have.

  3. felicia says:

    Hi NCK. Yes, it’s still in production. I’ve tried their chocolate bars…they seem to taste nicer than Cadbury (but that’s just my opinion).

    Ngai…don’t talk about gaining weight…hehehe…..

  4. NCK says:

    Well, felicia. I don’t eat this sweetmeat too often. So I can’t tell if Van Houten’s products are better than Cadbury’s. I prefer chocolates with wafer, such as Kit-Kat. Once, I found some chocolates with alcohol contents at an overseas airport duty-free shop. Thinking they were special, I bought and happily brought them back to Malaysia, only to find that they were also available at a local supermarket, priced about the same as at the duty-free shop.

  5. Mano says:

    When we were living at 7, Jln. Pasir Puteh, in the early 60’s, further down the row of houses was a grocery shop where mom got her supplies. I was happily browsing around while she got what she wanted when I came across this brand new new stuff. This gotta be it! This had to be wayyyy better than Milo or Ovaltine! And I wanted it bad! Of course, mom had to get it or I was gonna’ die!!! So, the moment we got home, mom had to make some for me to try. To my shock and horror, it tasted like ‘Brooklax’! Mom tried her best, adding more condensed milk and even sugar but it seemed to get only worse. And so the tin sat in the kitchen cupboard till it probably went out of date and mom threw it out. And so I stayed contended with my regular dose of Milo, Ovaltine or Horlicks:)

    • felicia says:

      Mano, I had a similar experience with Van Houten!
      Then I found that Van Houten was in fact pure cocoa powder (minus the sugar, skimmed milk, malt, etc. which Milo and the other such drinks contain).
      So, the secret is: you only add a fraction of Van Houten’s cocoa (probably a teaspoon or so) to hot water / hot milk and sweeten, if you wish….
      I learnt the hard way, and like yourself…I too ended up adding a LOT of sugar to get over the bitter taste. But as I grew older, I found that I prefer bitter chocolate to the sweet type…strange 😉

  6. NCK says:

    I haven’t had a cocoa drink for a long while, maybe I didn’t like it very much the last time I drank it. I bought a small container of cocoa powder (what else but Van Houten?) some time ago just so that I could make mocha – the cocoa-flavoured coffee we get at Starbucks or Coffee Beans. (Just half to one teaspoonful of cocoa powder is needed to transform a cup of coffee to mocha). Then, as my craving for mocha waned, the unfinished cocoa powder was left to rot. I have not bought any cocoa powder since. When I like it, I can mix Milo with my coffee to have mocha just the same. I’ve forgotten how a cup of hot cocoa tastes. Maybe I should try it again.

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