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November 2016

Looking To Fill Something Up?

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20161123-008a Ever wondered how people back then managed to fill up tin bags without spilling the contents? Believe it or not, this simple looking funnel played a key role in keeping the tin ore in the bags. These work similar to how an oil funnel would work.

20161123-008bHere’s how things work: First you insert the funnel into the bag, pour in the dried tin ore until it reaches the designated level (the top of the tube), remove the funnel carefully and “VOILA”, you’ve filled a bag of tin without spilling any.

Have you seen one before? or better yet, used one before?

Exclusive Photos!

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No, we’re not exposing any celebrity or political scandal 😉

Instead, we have here original press photographs from The Telegraph Newspapers Co. Ltd. These photos date back to 1950, during the fight against Communists.


Flight Lt. A J De Saville and co-pilot P3 W J Sullivan, flying over Ipoh just before the bombing run


A bomb aimer – M Thompson – on an R.A.A.F. Lincoln which raided Ipoh area

Remember ‘Paris Bakery’?

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The photo doesn’t really show this once famous bakery, but you can see the sign on the wall (extreme right). I vaguely remember this bakery, which was a family-run business. One of the daughters (or maybe the grand daughter) was my classmate in primary school. Sadly, we lost touch in later years. I never got a chance to ask her about the history of this bakery. Does anyone know the story behind this famous shop? We thank Lay Jin Chew for this photograph.


We also received this photograph from Ruth Iversen Rollitt – showing the Paris Bakery Factory.


The ‘Other Festival’ is back!

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Of late, Ipoh old town has been getting increasingly popular — it’s great, but everyone also goes to the same spaces for the same experiences.
We know there is plenty to learn of Ipoh old town, many more places and stories to explore and uncover. So we’ll be working with Doodle Malaysia to draw out a map — let’s bongkarkan all the secrets the place may hold. 

Read more here.

 So, mark your calendars, folks….this 13th – 20th November 2016 is going to be exciting!

Ipoh, 1977

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We took this off the 1977 edition of the AMCIAN – the Ave Maria Convent school magazine. This is an aerial view of the school building and the surroundings.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from SMI, ACS, NTPS, and even HIJ Convent Alumni over the years…but not much from the Ave Maria Convent girls. So, here’s a shout-out to you young ladies out there!

A Parade in Ipoh Town, 1947

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From what we know, there was a parade in Ipoh town back in 1947 – in support of the Kuomintang. We believe the above picture (from Lay Jin Chew) was taken at the same parade, which ran through the streets of Ipoh. Can anyone guess which street this is? On that note, do you know what business Barlow & Co Ltd was?

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