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October 2016

Did you own a ‘Travel Mate’?

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Texas Instruments made a line of laptops called “Travel Mate”. 

The 4000E meets the system requirements for DOS, Windows 3.x and 95, but not Windows 98. According to the manual, it came with 4MB of memory, which could be upgraded to as much as twenty megabytes. (read more here)


Could this have been one of the very first laptops in the market? You tell us 🙂

Some of you might remember this model (the Travel Mate 4000E). For those of you who don’t, here is what it looks like (see picture below).



For the chocolate lovers…

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They say chocolate is comfort-food. Well, as a chocoholic myself I agree with that statement. It’s either a few pieces broken off a big bar, or even good ‘ol chocolate ice cream. Sometimes, it’s a nice cup of rich, hot cocoa (with some marshmallows, if I can find them at the store!). How do YOU enjoy your cup of cocoa?

On that note, do you remember this brand of cocoa powder?


Everybody Loves Kung-Fu Fighting!

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leong-fu-blog The photograph above is part of a set of Leong Fu’s, ‘The Chinese Kung-Fu Karato (Atado)’ which was generously donated to us by Dato’ Lim Si Boon. The entire set consists of a promotional booklet (small booklet in the centre) and a 21 part series of illustrated loose sheet instructions. According to peterharrington.co.uk, no copies have been recorded by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) in any libraries internationally, and no trade records in the usual channels. So tell us, were you a big fan of Kung Fu?? Click here to see the front covers of the complete set.

Tambun Caves Vandalised!

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Shocking but true. While we’re busy building new structures, our heritage sites are paying the price. Some are either ignored or just left to ‘fend’ for themselves.

One such place is the famed Tambun Caves which recently fell victim to vandals.


As the Star Metro report states: ” The prehistoric cave drawings are still there, but if nothing is done they are in danger of being overwhelmed by random scrawls of vandals.” We couldn’t agree more.

Old Town News…

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Recognise this place?



Familiar, right? Perhaps the next two pictures will give you more clues.




In case you’re wondering why we put these up, this is just to show you what’s become of those food stalls in the area. They have their very own food court now….and as you can see, the area is so CLEAN! Hope it stays that way…

Instant relief?

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Stuffy noses ‘fear’ this very potent rub….I wonder if their original formula has changed over the years.

I recall a recent purchase of a small bottle of Vicks which was made in India. I don’t know what was added to the original formula, as I found the scent was different from the usual bottles bought at our local stores. I wonder if every country has their own ‘recipe’ for Vicks…

The “A Troop Experience”…

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20160902-002d 20160902-003b
The photographs in this blog post  are from the collection of photographs that were generously donated to us by Tom Eadie, who served throughout 1955 to 1956 in Malaya.

The “A Troop Experience” is an 8 part series which we have recently put up on our database, the entries are of Tom Eadie, a retired Bombadier (Bdr) of the ‘A’ Troop and his experience when he served throughout 1955 to 1956 in Malaya.

Click here to read the first part of The ‘A’ Troop Experience.

Here’s a ‘writing’ exercise for you…

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Have you used these to write? Perhaps not…maybe your parents or grandparents did? Anyhow, these were what I would call the ‘early pencils’. And of course, you used them on slate boards (not paper, as they were rather costly back then). Incidentally, I looked up ‘slate pencils’ on YouTube…and to my surprise, there were many videos of people EATING slate pencils!

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