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Here we have two pictures from S Y Lee - teams of the Perak Chinese Recreation Club, Chung Thye Phin Road. You will notice the old wooden building in the photo of the footballers. The present building is quite ugly but functional and built at the minimum price.

The Inter CRC Ladies Hockey Champions (1951)

SY says:For the ladies hockey team, I can only remember Ms. Lim Suan Gaik who is standing at the extreme right. She is still around for I saw her a few days back. I remember the Ooi sisters, there were three of them but I can’t remember who are the ones in the photos.”

Ipoh League Champions (1958-1959)

And for the photo of the footballers he says, “I know some of the nicknames but not the actual names except for Mr. Yee Seng Choy, who represented Malaya or Malaysia. He was recruited to Hong Kong as a player. He is second from the front row. Second from the extreme right is Mr. Wong Kam Seng, another national player. My father, Mr. Lee Kang San, is standing at the extreme left.”

Does anyone know more names of these star players, or more about the Recreation Club? If you’re one of them in these pictures, we’d like to hear from you too ;-)


  1. PT says:

    Seng Choy was my football idol between 1960 and 1962. He later worked and played for NEB, the forerunner of Tenaga Letrik Malaysia. I last saw him in the early 90s when he was a taxi driver waiting for passengers at Medan Kidd Bus Terminal in Ipoh.

  2. S.Y. Lee says:

    Mr. Wong Kam Seng was at my office and helped me identify some of the other football players. Standing at the back row, second from left is Chen Kam Fatt. Next to him is Lee Wai Ming. On the extreme right is Lam Fook Kong.

    In the second row on the extreme left is Yik Mam Choon, Next to him is Choong Mook Lim and on the extreme right is Wong Wan Choon

    In the front row extreme left is Lim Chock Chean. Next is Yee Seng Choy and next to him is Khoo Kooi Kwang followed by Wong Kam Seng and on the extreme right is Yip Eng Keong

  3. S.Y. Lee says:

    Dear Ika,

    I am not sure about the spelling though. Mr. Wong read out the names to me in Chinese and I did a literal translation.

    As for the lady hockey players, I made a mistake. It was the Ooi sisters and not the Ang sisters. This was confirmed by my uncle who was a football and hockey player and a member of the PCRC. I have given you/Ian a write up-up on the PCRC. I hope you will update your data base on that as from a Google search, there is a dearth of data on PCRC.

  4. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Does anyone know more […] about the [Perak Chinese] Recreation Club?

    I’m not sure what information is needed but what follows is some of what I can recall.

    The Club was founded before the Great War, probably in 1913. If there was one person responsible for its founding, that person was Khong Kam Tak, who had moved to Ipoh from Penang the previous year. In Penang, he had been a member of a similar club and when he arrived in Ipoh he decided to replicate it.

    Kam Tak asked for, and received, the support of all the following: Chung Thye Phin, Foo Choo Choon, Leong Sin Nam, Eu Tong Sen, and even Jack Jennings.

    Of course, he was a formidable person in his own right; so with such backers, and perhaps even without them, it would have been impossible for him to fail.


    About the Club’s grounds off Chung Thye Phin Road: for many years, there was an amusement park to the west, off Chamberlain Road. That park was shut down and the Majestic Theatre was eventually built in its place.


    I could not find an entry about the Club in the database. There is an entry about Khong Kam Tak: perhaps some of the information provided above could be added to that entry (once it is verified, of course).

    • ika says:

      Thanks for the information Ipoh Remembered. Rather than add it to an existing article on the database I believe it should have its own stand-alone article and will endeavour to produce one.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        I wish I had an old photograph you could use for a PCRC entry in the database but, in the absence of that, perhaps one or both of the photographs donated by S Y Lee could be used.

        Meanwhile, I did remember some other incidentals.

        You may have noticed that, with good cause, the Club’s building and its official address are on a lane named after Chung Thye Phin. On the other side of the club grounds is a road named after Lim Seng Chew, who was one of the Club’s early Secretaries — perhaps even its first. (I’ve mentioned him before in connection with the Lok Lum Club, which was his “baby.”)

        Another thing I remembered: One of the PCRC’s finest champions was Chung Kok Ming, nephew of Chung Thye Phin. Ah Ming played cricket for Perak — alongside such luminaries as Fred Dennys (once manager of Canning Estate) and Stephen Fox (who was a better cricketer than a doctor) — but he was even more famous as PCRC’s tennis star. The aforementioned Khong Kam Tak was his partner in doubles (they both have roads in Ipoh named after them, but not because of their tennis prowess).

        There does not appear to be much information in the database about Chung Ah Ming. I have some old photographs, which, if I can find them, I will send along, together with a paragraph about him you can use as you see fit.

        • ika says:

          Re Chung Ah Ming, I shall b delighted to put together an article on Chung Ah Min based on your photograpph. Thanks for the offer.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Two other things, IKA:

        I just now noticed your comment:

        You will notice the old wooden building in the photo of the footballers. The present building is quite ugly but functional and built at the minimum price.

        When you say “the present building” you must be referring to the last building the Club erected at the present location, off Chung Thye Phin Road. Some people may not be aware of the Club’s prior location off Brewster Road (which itself is not much older than the Club).

        Also, I just now noticed in the first photograph that the Rotterdam Trading Company is advertised on the side of its building in the background. For those who may not have heard of it: Rotterdam Trading, in those days often known as “RTC,” was a Dutch company that acted for many European firms as an agent in Malaya and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). They handled shipping and travel, plus they brought in a number of luxury items, including famous brands of liquor and perfume.

        • IKA says:

          Thanks for the additional information Ipoh Remembered. I manged to validate your previous comments and have started to write the article. It should appear sometime next week.

          Thanks again.

  5. sk says:

    How interesting ! Never know this club existed.
    I only know of one PCRC ie Penang Chinese Recreation Club.
    Is the Perak CRC still active ?
    Ipoh Remembered – Sharp eyes that pointed out Rotterdam Trading Company. That too I havent heard of it. A google search drew blank.
    Ipoh Remembered – Looks like you are an Ipoh walking encyclopaedia. How did you managed to keep so much information in your sleeve ? David Copperfield or David Blaine in the making ?

  6. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear sk

    Yes, the Perak CRC is still active.

    As for the Rotterdam Trading Company, if you are looking for more information about it you can also search under its formal corporate name, which was Internationale Crediet- en Handelsvereniging “Rotterdam.”

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