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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

January 2012


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Here’s something for the football fans out there!

Did any of you watch this game? Who were these two teams? Where was the match held? We suspect that (given the trees in the background) perhaps this was at the D R Seenivasagam Park…..but we could be wrong.

If one of the players from either team is reading this, DO tell us MORE 🙂

February 2011

The Perak Chinese Recreation Club PCRC

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Here we have two pictures from S Y Lee – teams of the Perak Chinese Recreation Club, Chung Thye Phin Road. You will notice the old wooden building in the photo of the footballers. The present building is quite ugly but functional and built at the minimum price.

The Inter CRC Ladies Hockey Champions (1951)

SY says:For the ladies hockey team, I can only remember Ms. Lim Suan Gaik who is standing at the extreme right. She is still around for I saw her a few days back. I remember the Ooi sisters, there were three of them but I can’t remember who are the ones in the photos.”

Ipoh League Champions (1958-1959)

And for the photo of the footballers he says, “I know some of the nicknames but not the actual names except for Mr. Yee Seng Choy, who represented Malaya or Malaysia. He was recruited to Hong Kong as a player. He is second from the front row. Second from the extreme right is Mr. Wong Kam Seng, another national player. My father, Mr. Lee Kang San, is standing at the extreme left.”

Does anyone know more names of these star players, or more about the Recreation Club? If you’re one of them in these pictures, we’d like to hear from you too 😉


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