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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
  1. alan y says:

    It always rains in Taiping in the afternoon, or at least during the time, I endured the visits there. No signs of rain puddles on the street.
    If someone with better eyesight, can use a magnifier, we should be able to read the mandarin and english letters on the corner building, behind the telegraph or electric pole, and also on the side of the lorry.

  2. NCK says:

    Alan, the words are illegible. You can try to firstly download the photo and then read it enlarged with a photo viewer. Too blurred.

    By the directions of the shophouses, the road shouldn’t be Jln Theatre, but it looks like somewhere in that area. The 60’s or 50’s-era shophouses on the right, and the corner shop with three Chinese words could be the lead.

  3. Eric says:

    So, where is this place?

    I thought the original poster would at the very least give the correct answer, if none of the above is correct, after quizzing people for 2 and a half years already? And if one of the above answers is correct, then, have the courtesy to let us know instead of starting this thread and forgetting about it.

      • Chuah TC says:

        Are the Chinese/English words in this picture clearer in the high-resolution scan, Felicia? Perhaps you could crop out just those words and include it here if it is so.

    • Chuah TC says:

      I last looked at this in 2015. My best guess is Treacher Street (Jalan Bijeh Timah) at the Jalan Panglima end. If you have a look at Google street view, you will see what I mean.

      There’s one building on the right at the very end that seems to be a little elevated compared to the other buildings around its vicinity. Could this building be No. 3, Jalan Bijeh Timah?

  4. Eric says:

    @ felicia

    I just saw that you are still active at this site. I assume you are one of the admin staff of this site. Well, I hope you will give the answer to where this place is, and what the significance of this place is, that a thread should be started.

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