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August 2012

Merdeka Greetings

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Here’s to all of our fans out there – regardless of the trials and tribulations we’ve faced as a nation, we’ve pulled through and have come out stronger! Happy Merdeka 🙂

The above picture is from Alan Wanless. This was taken at the Ipoh Padang back in 1957 (about the same time Tunku made his declaration at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur).

School Bands at the Perak Stadium

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This picture is from Ralph Khaw, who was the drum major in the SMI Cadet Band. This was taken in 1970 at the Perak Stadium – the Ipoh Combined School Bands. Among the schools which participated were SMI, MGS, and Perak Girls’ School. According to Ralph, either Raja Perempuan School or Poi Lam took part as well.

Do you guys remember this event? It wasn’t that long ago….I’m sure some of the band members remember 🙂

Malaysian MENSA are Coming to Town

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This is a special announcement from Dato Datin Seri Dr Yim Poh Wah – the Vice Chairman of the Malaysian MENSA Society (MMS).

The aims of Mensa is to foster intelligence, conduct research
on intelligence and to provide a stimulating social environment
for its members for networking both locally and internationally.
I seek your help in notifying Ipoh residents, so that Ipoh folks
will be able to make a formidable presence in the MMS.

Details are as follows:
Date 19/8/12.

Time: 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Venue: YMCA Ipoh
Registration at the door.
Test fee:RM50.00, please bring along Mycard or passport.
Test is open to everyone from age 14 years and above.
Duration of test:40 mins.
Type: Pictorial and culture free.
No prior study necessary as there is no general knowledge involved.
This test only tests out logic and spatial intelligence.
If you like more details, kindly let me know.
(012-2388817 or visit the website http://mensa.my)

The Teachers of SMJK Poi Lam, 1970

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We’re featuring another photograph about SMJK Poi Lam. From what our donor (Veronica Woo) told us, the Poi Lam Alumni will be having a gathering this Saturday. With that in mind, how many of you former Poi Lam teachers/students recognise this (see below)?

This is a photo of teachers of SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh during the school general assembly on 12 November, 1970.  SMJK Poi Lam, a Chinese-based secondary school,  was founded by the Perak Hock Kean Association in 1955.  In the early years, the school started off with only three classrooms and an enrolment of 120 students.  Then, in 1962 SMJK Poi Lam was granted status as a government-aided school.  The first principal of the school was Mr Ng Cheng Aik who retired in 1976 after 21 years of service in the teaching profession.

‘Sing Kong’ (Star Cinema), Ipoh

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Keith Nelson, an ex British National serviceman stationed in Ipoh (1959-1960), sent us some pictures of Ipoh recently. Today, we’re featuring the Star Cinema.

For those who don’t know, this cinema was built below the road access (and in an ex graveyard!) sometime in the late 50s. The Star Cinema was a single-screen cinema and could house up to 1150 movie-lovers. It started off screening English films and then progressed to Chinese films later. To what we know, a fire broke out around 1970.

By late 1989 the cinema closed and a nightclub opened instead. The premise closed for good in the late 1990s and is currently ‘playing house’ to rats. It is said that the former cinema is now up for sale.

On another note,  we noticed some similarities between the Star Cinema and other cinema halls designed by Iversen……could this building be an Iversen design too?

SMJK Poi Lam Visit the Nanyang Office in 1967

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This photo was taken on 17 December, 1967 during SMJK Poi Lam’s school visit to Nanyang Siang Pau office. The two lady teachers were dressed in their traditional Chinese cheongsam. The girls were wearing their white sleeveless blouse and black skirt uniform while the boys were all attired in their white short-sleeved shirts and shorts. This was the uniform common for all Chinese secondary schools then. The new school uniform policy was implemented in 1969. From that year onwards until today, female students from all types of secondary schools in Malaysia are required to wear the white blouse and turquoise pinafore uniform while the boys their white short-sleeved shirts and olive green long pants.

We thank Veronica Woo for the picture and the short story.

To all our Poi Lam Alumni out there…..do you remember this school trip? Do share some of your memories with us 🙂

The ‘Round Market’ Saga

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It was early in the new millenium when the Yau Tet Shin Bazaar was demolished. It now remains an empty plot and has since been turned into a parking lot 🙁 Recently we heard about some plans to rebuild it…

What the Bazaar looked like in the 90s (the Syuen Hotel can be seen in the background, far right).

The proposed design for the New Bazaar.

Has anyone heard the latest news regarding this project? Do tell us more.

Remember ‘Her’?

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I’m refering to this black-beauty……this classic Mercedes (yes, it IS a Mercedes; if you look closely you can see the sign on the hood). This picture is taken from the Yeoh Family album. Judging from the car’s number plate, I’m guessing that this was taken in the early 1940s. I could be wrong though…..you experts out there would know better 🙂

Another thing that caught my eye was the shop sign (far right) which says: Peter Chong & Co; Educational Supplies, Stationers, Printers, etc. etc. Are they still in business? If so, where in Ipoh are they?

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