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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Keith Nelson, a former British National serviceman, sent us this picture.

This was taken in 1959. Do any of you recognise this coffee shop? Is it still around?

  1. Lam Yuen Yi says:

    The Coffee shop is still around, albeit just selling its specialty Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken. It used to sell good coffee and steamed cake (with kaya filling).

  2. felicia says:

    Hi Mashi74 and Lam………WOW!!
    i thought those pillars looked familiar….didn’t realise they were from the salted chicken place 🙂

  3. Allan Lim says:

    Yes in the 60s it used to sell nice big fish balls (yum cha style) at night – cheap too. Right where all the night action is – opposite Capitol theatre

  4. S.Sundralingam says:

    The glory of the past is………nice hot coffee and a plate of char kueh teow……..large prawns, chilli paste, kuchi, taugeh and lard oil!

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