This is a special announcement from Dato Datin Seri Dr Yim Poh Wah – the Vice Chairman of the Malaysian MENSA Society (MMS).

The aims of Mensa is to foster intelligence, conduct research
on intelligence and to provide a stimulating social environment
for its members for networking both locally and internationally.
I seek your help in notifying Ipoh residents, so that Ipoh folks
will be able to make a formidable presence in the MMS.

Details are as follows:
Date 19/8/12.

Time: 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Venue: YMCA Ipoh
Registration at the door.
Test fee:RM50.00, please bring along Mycard or passport.
Test is open to everyone from age 14 years and above.
Duration of test:40 mins.
Type: Pictorial and culture free.
No prior study necessary as there is no general knowledge involved.
This test only tests out logic and spatial intelligence.
If you like more details, kindly let me know.
(012-2388817 or visit the website
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