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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

…that Brewster Road was this ’empty’ back in 1959?

From the traffic I see today, I can hardly believe it myself!

This picture is courtesy of Keith Nelson, a former British National serviceman.

  1. felicia says:

    Hi Rosebud…I see you spotted that too! I’m curious myself. can’t really see it, even when I zoom in (picture’s resolution being 200dpi).

  2. Ruth Rollitt says:

    The Brewster Road I knew in my youth with the Odeon cinema at the far end and th ‘tower’ at the Jubilee Cabaret on the right – both designed by my father, B M Iversen.

  3. Charlie says:

    You can see these roof figurines on some of the original shops along Anderson Road, opposite the Park. There is a pair of dogs, a pair of pigeons and a peacock still standing. Happy hunting!

  4. KKFoong says:

    Once again we can see that the streets of Ipoh were carefully laid out. The town planner had the foresight for wide roads as opposed to older towns like Melaka, Georgetown and Kuala Terengganu. I am convinced that Ipoh must have been very pleasant.

    BMI’s creation has the character of geometric shapes joined together like building blocks. It such a marvel then to construct gravity defying structures.

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