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  1. Ngai C O says:


    The results produced by the trusted granite mortar and pestle are far, far superior to the modern blender.

    Although, there is no denying that it is a slow and laborious process.

    The way both works to break down the ingredients is totally different.

    The mortar and pestle pounds the ingredients and thus releases the aroma and oils from materials whereas the blender chops the ingredients up to a fine texture without releasing the oils. Most of the time, this mixture ends up in a mushy and watery state.

    Cooking will not release most of the aromas from this blended mixture.

    To enjoy authentic and maximum flavours, the traditional way is the prefered method to use.

    • lolita says:


      I’m looking for a good mortar and pestle preferable made in Thailand if can but absolutely not from China . Do you have any idea where can I buy it in Ipoh or in other state as long is in Malaysia ?
      Thank you!

  2. C K Leong says:

    And you can’t use a blender to grind glass (usually light bulbs) for making strings (with glue and a bright coloured dye) for “fighting” kites. There is no consideration for food safety or carcinogens in those days.

  3. Mano says:

    This implement is not as archaic as the heading implies.
    You can get them at any of these Asian shops here in Oz. The locals who are very much into Asian and Indian cooking have discovered the difference in the food prepared by pounding. Very much as stated by Ngai CO!

  4. Ken Chan says:

    Spot on Mano! The ever-reliable pestle and mortar is also readily available in Asian grocery shops in the US. When we moved to the States, we shipped our trusted implement over, even though electronic appliances are dirt cheap here. Much to our chagrin, this ‘heavy equipment’ is sold all over China and Indian town. The pounding does make a difference in the flavor and texture of the finished product. For those who are passionate about preparing food the traditional way, shedding some elbow grease along the way makes the whole process a more enjoyable experience. Indeed, cooking can be a labor of love, though the manual approach tends to be time-consuming and onerous.

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