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March 2016

Uncle Tobys Oats

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Remember this brand of oats? I never knew Uncles Tobys sold oats…I only remember their muesli bars ๐Ÿ™‚ Did anyone try this brand? Was it as good as Quaker oats?

Do You See What I See?

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Do you recognise these panels? They can be found on the four sides of the Birch Clock tower. Still wondering what I’m talking about? Well, the next time you pass by the clock tower, take a closer look ๐Ÿ™‚

The Growth of Civilization.
The following is a description of the figures represented in the painted panels:
PANELS A AND B: Prehistoric Times to the Time of Christ.

The Stone Age – A Hunter.
A Fisherman.
A Woman spinning.
The Iron Age – Man and Woman.
The Early Eastern Peoples – A Nubian with gold and ivory.
A Chaldean Astrologer.
A Woman making pottery.
An Egyptian.
An Assyrian.
A Persian.
The Eastern Meditteranean – Judaism.
A Phonecian.
A woman representing the Agean civilization.
The Far East – Confucius.
Lao Tzu.
Greece and Rome – A woman representing Greek Art.
Alexander the Great.
A Greek Philosopher.
PANELS C AND D โ€“ From the Time of Christ to the Present Day.
The Byzantine Empire – Constantine the Great.
Islam – Mohammed (pbh).
The Age of Chivalry โ€“ A Crusader.
The Age of Faith โ€“ St. Clara.
Gothic Art – A Bishop with a model of a Cathedral.
The Renaissance – Science – Galileo.
Art – Michael Angelo.
Literature – Vittoria Colonna.
Enterprise – Columbus.
The Reformation – Luther.
The Elizabethan Age – Shakespeare.
PANEL D EAST – Modern Science, Art and Social Services.
Physics – Newton.
Medicine – Harvey.
The use of steam – Watt.
Easter Art – Embroiderer.
Music – Beethoven.
Engineering – Stephenson.
Photography – Daguerre.
Social Service – Miss Nightingale.
Natural Science – Darwin.
Electricity – Edison.
Humane Surgery – Lister.

Comfort Food?

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dry curry mee_edited-1


Some go for sweets, some go for salty snacks. Yet there are others who crave something like this (picture above) – Dry Curry Noodles!

Our photographer had this (at RM 5.30 per serving) from the Ma Jie curry mee stall in Restoran Yee Lock, opposite Bridal Collection along Anderson Road.

So, dear Readers……what’s YOUR comfort food?

The Passing Of Brother Vincent Corkery.

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10398670_10204477107406400_3693611060626492114_nPicture taken from Tin Phil Sinnappan’s Facebook Post

Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery passed away peacefully today at 12:18pm. Wake services tonight, 22nd of March and tomorrow night, 23rd March is at 8pm. His funeral will be at 10:30am on Thursday, 24th of March at St. Michael’s Church.

Dato’ Brother Vincent has been associated with St. Michael’s Institution, in one role or another for more than 50 years. To read more about the twice Brother Director of St. Michael’s Institution, click here.

Farewell Brother Vincent, you will be missed.

An Unfamiliar Fragrance

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20160301-022aย This here is a fragrance manufactured by Firmenich, a Swiss fragrance and flavor manufacturer founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1895. We were wondering if any of you could help us shed some light to this fragrance (Chettiar Kathambam) in particular. Anyone?

What’s Happening Here?

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Sometime ago, we featured this building – the former Oriental Hotel, which was turned into an electrical store.

One of our readers, Charlie Choong, sent us the following photographs recently.


Looks like the electrical store is closing down….or perhaps they are relocating….we don’t know. Does anyone know what’s going on?


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