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February 2016

A Monday Mystery For You!

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OH 1

I’m sure you have driven past this building in New Town Ipoh. This is the side view of a former hotel – which is now an electrical store. This building is opposite the Kamdar textile store, just in case you’re wondering. I’m sure some of you already know which building I’m talking about. What we would like to know is what those Chinese characters on the upper wall mean. Below is a close up of the words.

OH 2

Oil-ing Up The Past…

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DSC_0022Above is a type of Vehicle lubricant manufactured by Shell but we are not too sure which category it falls under. From the design of the logo, we believe that this particular lubricant was manufactured between 1955 to 1961. The unique design of the canister is reflected through the spout at the top as well as the wooden handle that can be seen in the picture below. Any idea which category this lubricant would fall under?



The Brewster Road Fire Station, 1980s

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fire brigade

Here’s a blast from the past! This photograph (taken in the 80s), given to us by Lim Lean Seng, shows the Brewster Road Fire Station. We believe this fire station was built around 1915; it started off as a single storey building and the second storey was added in 1936.

The fire station later relocated to Jalan Kompleks Sukan (opposite the Perak Stadium) in the 90s. From what we were told, the building pictured above is in the process of becoming Brewster Village – Wedding & Events.

A Tribute To One Half Of The Dynamic Seenivasagam Duo

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It was a solemn and heart-wrenching occasion, as the people of Ipoh (and even from others towns in Perak) came to pay their last respects to D R Seenivasagam. Some estimate the crowd of mourners to be well into the tens of thousands!

DR funeral 1click to enlarge

We’d love to hear from anyone who witnessed this event – perhaps you could also tell us who these gentlemen (pictured above) are. I’m sure they must be some of the many VIPs who came to D R’s residence to pay their respects.

And just so you know we were not exaggerating about the funeral crowd, the picture below was taken during the street procession, which passed through Brewster Road.

DR funeral 2

We thank Chan Kok Keong for sharing these photographs with us.

Happy Hokkien New Year!

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Hokkien New Year
A simple altar with offerings to the Jade Emperor

Hokkien New Year is celebrated every year on the Ninth Day of Chinese New Year. Some may wonder, why the ninth day, why not the first day?

Legend has it that during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Hokkiens were attacked by bandits and to save themselves, they hid in a sugar cane plantation until the ninth day when they were sure it was safe to return home. Coincidentally, it was also the Jade Emperor’s birthday; they had been saved by his divine intervention and the protective cover of the sugar cane stalks. (which explains the significance of the Sugar Cane stalks during this celebration)

Having missed the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, they celebrated their salvation that day and ever since then, the Hokkien dialect group have regarded this date as a symbol of their survival and a time for major celebrations every year.

More Memories From Malim Nawar

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Here’s another one from Richard Saxey’s collection. Yes, this is Malim Nawar! I know some of you can name all the gentlemen in this photograph.

But I’d like to draw your attention to the man with the coolie hat (extreme left). What is he doing?

It’s New Year’s Eve!

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CNY blog

Not much longer now til the sound of fire crackers fill the skies marking a New Year in the Chinese Calender. Reunion dinners are where most families are at on this New Year’s Eve and the dish above is a traditional yet unmissable one on this auspicious occasion.

The “Bangkuang Char” sometimes also called the “Jiu Chu Char” (if dried squid is added) is a traditional nyonya dish where thinly sliced radish / sengkuang is stir-fried with carrots, onions and pork. Wrapped in Chinese Lettuce is often how this traditional dish is eaten. Is “Bangkuang Char” one of your favourite New Year dishes?

Hope you all had a good New Year’s Eve dinner with your family members and have a very Happy Chinese New Year!

The Milkman

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Gogan Singh001picture courtesy of: Kalwant Singh 

Remember the milkman from days of old? Well, this milkman looks rather young…and here he is at his bicycle (the milk churn is hidden, on the back of his bicycle). This picture was taken at the Malay kampong at Lahat Road.

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