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I’m sure you have driven past this building in New Town Ipoh. This is the side view of a former hotel – which is now an electrical store. This building is opposite the Kamdar textile store, just in case you’re wondering. I’m sure some of you already know which building I’m talking about. What we would like to know is what those Chinese characters on the upper wall mean. Below is a close up of the words.

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  1. felicia says:

    We’ve had the following translations of Facebook:

    Heng Gor says it means “East Asia Grand Hotel“, while Kagaya Poon says that the words mean “South East Asia Hotel“.

    Anyone else want to try guessing?

  2. Ngai C O says:



    I do not know how to read Chinese characters.

    Who can guess, there may be more versions ot this translation.

    I do know they can be difficult to translate into English and often can sound or mean hilarious when one tries to make some sense of the characters.

    I have read in the media of English signboards in China with similar direct translations.

    Sometimes when I inadvertently say ‘shop-house’ instead of shop, I get a bemused and funny reaction.

    Whereas in South East Asia, it means a shop which is also part of the shop owner’s residence.

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