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May 2016

One For The History Books

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Blog 30.5.16 Anyone remembers this handy stationary? Despite being more than 60 years old and less glossy than its modern day counterpart, this machine marked The “Hazel” still packs a “Punch” or two as good as its grandchildren, but the question is do you know what it is?

The Famous Mrs Hew!

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unspecified 2

I’m sure everyone recognises this lady from Lat’s comics! She’s none other than Mrs Hew. Ever wondered what she looked like back in the day? Check out the picture below, taken from the NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh 1962 year book.

unspecified 1picture courtesy of: Ooi Kean Chye

For those who still can’t identify her, look closer at the middle row – Mrs Hew is the lady second from the left.

Father of Modern Malaysian Education

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Since it’s Teacher’s Day today, we decided to feature a very prominent figure in our education’s history – Aminuddin Baki. Born in Chemor, he began his early schooling at Chemor Malay School and later at Anderson School. During his school days, he participated in student organisations championing the lot of Malay students, as he felt the indifference shown by colonial authorities towards Malay education had brought about the backwardness and provincialism of the Malay community. He believed that education was the means to inculcate national aspirations and improve the economic prospects of the Malays…(read more here).

While we’re still on the topic of education and teachers, do you remember someone from your childhood who was a positive influence in your life? Do share your memories with us.

Simple Pleasures!

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What could one do with: an ice cream stick, a satay stick, a rubber seed and some string? Well, make a toy propeller of course! How many of you remember this simple toy – which went on to give a child endless fun? What other easy-to-make toys do you remember from your childhood?

Kultar’s Mime

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Kultar’s Mime is a devised play that blends painting, poetry, theater, and music to tell the stories of Sikh children who survived the 1984 Delhi massacre organized in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

As part of their Malaysian tour, the troupe will be performing in Ipoh on 25th May 2016, at the ACS Auditorium. The show starts at 7pm.

Tickets are by donation of RM50, with all proceeds going to local community projects, and can be purchased at  www.kultarsmime.asia (Malaysian contact = S. Autar Singh, 012-2055011). The show runs about an hour, followed by a talkback with the cast and “Kultar’s Mime” poet, Sarbpreet Singh.

Tales from the Ho Yan Hor Museum grand opening…

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On the morning of 30th April 2016, Treacher Street was all abuzz with activity. That day marked the grand opening of the Ho Yan Hor Museum – a museum which tells the story of Ho Kai Cheong, who began as an operator of a humble tea stall and later became a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist.

People from all walks of life were there, some even came from overseas. As can be seen from the picture, many were fascinated with our vehicle collection 🙂 We were happy to have helped in one way or another for the restoration of the Ho Yan Hor Museum. More about this event can be read at this link.

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