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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
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Remember these shop houses? Yes, this was Fair Park back in 1938. These shops were Iversen’s designs nonetheless. Sadly, they’re no more 🙁

  1. sk says:

    When was this demolished ? Looks modern to me.
    Was this block facing the Government Quarters or facing the Stadium ?
    If it was facing the Government Quarters, I have a friend who had a motorcycle repair shop there. Been looking for him for a long time. Name Khor Ah Teik.
    His cousin, Khor Chu King had a motorcycle shop in Brewster Road opposite The Grand Cinema. The last time I went to look for him, the shop is now a Piano shop.
    They are Motor Sports enthusiast . Anyone any idea their where about ?

  2. Old Horse says:

    The row of shops is at the other end of the road which you mentioned. It’s located at the junction of the traffic lights going towards the General Hospital and Anderson School. It used to house a shop selling coconuts where I bought my “suntan” for cooking curries. There was also an Indian barber shop, a Chinese laundrette and sundry shop together with a mamak restaurant there if I’m not mistaken. Very Muhibah. It became famous or “infamous” during its demolition when part of the building collapsed and crushed a car waiting at the traffic lights one night. As for the motorcycle shop, sorry can’t help you, my memory bank is blank!

  3. rosebud says:

    Serene row of old shophouses that bore witness in the 70s to a dastardly murder of a police chief & his driver to iconic late ‘Spider’ plying his famous Chow Fun on his tricycle . There is a gorge not far on the right of the photo where a stream flowed with greenery all round its bank. Is it still there?

  4. sk says:

    Thanks, Old Horse & Rose Bud,
    Yes, that’s the shop where my friend motorcycle shop was.
    It must be in between the barber shop, launderette & Mamak Restaurant.
    At the back of the building was a secondary school – Sri Kepayang ?
    Yes, Rosebud, the gorge is still there.
    At the traffic light where the Perak CPO was shot, I was with the Driving Inspector from RIMV having my driving test. I was told to find a spot to make a U turn.
    There was too much traffic & an old man pushing a tricycle was obstructing traffic.
    The Inspector finally told me to go forward to RIMV office.
    So I passed my driving test without making the U turn test . Maybe I should thank the old man who was pushing his tricycle.. Ha3.

    • Lim Keat Boon says:

      Behind the shoplots is St Peter’s Church. Sri Kepayang School (Girls & Boys) are on the left of this building. I’m staying behind, Asia Garden. Your motorcycle shop friend now is in the middle of the row of shoplots after Perak Cave Temple(Direction heading to town). I saw him last year. Still running a motorcycle shop. I been staying in Fair Park ever since I was born in the 60’s. My old house(rented) is 49, Fair Park, all demolished now. Those were the days.

  5. sk says:

    Thanks Lim Keat Boon for my friend where about .
    I will surely take a drive there on my next trip .
    Then I can also ask him about his cousin – Khor Chu King – the motorcycle king
    of Ipoh,then.
    Asia Park – Lim ? Cant even remember there was one.
    I know the row of houses where spider fried his kway teow were demolished.
    The Green Town I used to know was gone – vanished into thin air.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi sk,

      Of interest to me was the ‘Spider’ fried noodle man. I am sure I had his noodles before on some occasions.

      Perhaps you could enlighten us readers about his nickname and possibly fame.

      I did hang out in Fair Park for some time as I used to visit school friends who lived there and also because of the food stalls along the main road.

      Sadly, I have lost touch with those school friends a long, long time ago as we moved on in life.

    • Lim Keat Boon says:

      Hi sk

      Is not Asia Park, it’s Asia Garden or Taman Asia. Spiderman resident is Kampong Kepayang in Fair Park. My grandma use to live there. All wooden houses there. After his passing, his daughter took over but it didn’t work out. He always have a soft spot for me and always do mine first. Good old days.

  6. sk says:

    Thanks, ChuahTC for sharing with Ngai CO. Glad that everyone has benefitted from Ipohworld globally . Thanks to the team of Ipohworld.

  7. Kok Beng says:

    I remember those shops well the bicycle repair shop and the Indian barber
    He was my hairstylist, how I dreaded him – used to lift me up and plonk my butt on on the make do wooden plank across the arms of the stylist chair – almost like a VIP treatment

    Not much choices for hair couture – it was either no: 1 or no:2 on the clickety clack hand clippers followed by a closer shave with the cut throat barber salon blade which he’d sharpen on the leather razor strop

    Never heard of Iversen until now

    We used to reside in Sybil Kathigasu Rd, Fair Park a street in remembrance of her heroism during the Japanese occupation

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