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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    恭禧發財 2017!

    A hundred years ago, in 1917, Chinese New Year fell on January 23. It was to be the Year of the Snake. In Ipoh town, on the week-end before the big celebration, and presumably to finance some private celebration of their own, someone broke into Whiteaway’s on Station Road and stole thousands of dollars worth of gold! (紅包拿來!)

    (It wasn’t me.)

  2. NCK says:

    In a year when the cock rules the roost, may there be a chicken in every pot. Let’s wish we will all be the cock of the walk this year. The cock in a henhouse as well, you might wish, but this will make someone mad as a wet hen.

    Above all, being sound as a bell and happy as Larry with a handsome nest egg to boot should be the best thing for all. This isn’t a cock and bull story. You may start counting your chickens now and find your fortunes coming like a chicken on a June bug.

    Well wishes aside, we will sure as eggs is eggs live like fighting cocks during this festive season. Be sure to take care of your belly. Lastly, happy new year to everyone and their family.

    • NCK says:

      I hope I have not laid an egg with all my mumbo jumbo and have someone yelling, “Go fry an egg!” Just so that you know, I can’t boil an egg.

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