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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
  1. Ngai C O says:

    Three generations of us had used the brand, my parents, us and my daughter. As for my daughter, it was mainly baby food.

    I am not sure where it stands in the market place as we have used fresh milk for umpteen years and have not touched milk powder at all.

    My relatives in Malaysia continue to rely on milk powder, which can keep for a long time. The Cow and Gate brand seems to have disappeared from the radar, whereas at one time, it was a household name.

    Many kept the tins like they still do in present days to hold food stuff. During the festive season, these tins are very handy for storing home made snacks. Very often, they are kept and reused over and over again. I have known people to have reused over many years until rust appears when the coating of tin is damaged.

    It saves a lot of money to avoid having to buy containers and goes towards helping with the
    environment through disposing less rubbish to landfill sites and also reducing the carbon footprint.

    Personally, I try to recycle but am not like some ardent followers.

  2. CK Leong says:

    Milk powder (formulated) are a second best to mother’s milk. If the latter is easily available, milk powder should be avoided. Some of the supplements added to milk powder are for commercial reasons (market differentiation, cost reduction) rather than for their nutritional value. If a mother were to opt for milk powder for convenience, she should reconsider for the future benefit of her child.

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