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BlogAis krim potong anybody? The weather in Ipoh has just been crazy for the past few weeks, scorching hot in the afternoon, heavy thunderstorms in the evening.

We remember seeing a man on his motorbike selling ais krim potong near the roundabout of Persiaran Greenhill a couple of years back, we haven’t seen him since. What’s your fondest memory of this sweet treat? Do tell…


  1. Ngai C O says:


    It is an understatement to say scorching in the afternoon. It is more like 24/7.

    During the day, the walls act as a heat store from the intense sun. Nightfall, the heat is released. It is extremely difficult to sleep without air conditioning.

    The situation is getting worse with more concrete being erected, more cars on the road, more air condition units being installed, mote trees being cut down.

    I am not sure when temperature records were begun in Ipoh but I can vouch that it is at least two to three degrees warmer than in the sixties.

    At the time, we used to moan that the tin tailing areas were especially hot. One could not hang around for long. Besides the heat, the reflections thrown off from the quartz sand were too dazzling for the eyes. Just like in the desert. Sometimes, ne could see mirages.

    As for the ice cream potong, there was a famous one, Sun Sun Ice Cream, located in Jalan Tokong adjacent to Kampar Road, MGS end. It used to deliver to Gopeng and Kampar, using the Ipoh to Kampar bus.

    The flavours that I liked were drian and red kidney beans. But I have not had ice cream potong for over thirty years.

  2. Ngai C O says:


    How did we cool ourselves down at night in years gone by?

    Basically to stay outdoors for as long as possible. When my friends visited, we used to sit outside the house.

    Many a time and frequently on a regular basis, we would patronise hawker stalls that stayed open till the wee hours of the morning.

    Many restaurents had open air sitting arrangenents like Kong Chow and another famous chicken noodle outlet next to City Motors called Lin Seng. Both these businesses occupied ex wealthy mansions with vast gardens; so was ideal environment and tge ambience was relaxing and not noisy at all.

    • S.Y. says:

      Ngai C O,

      I think you meant Luen Seng and not Lin Seng (if you mean the open air restaurant which used to be open next to City Motors.

      As for the ice cream potong, they used to cost 5 cents. Some vendors decided to install a wooden wheel where you stand a chance to win more than 1 ice cream potong for 5 cents. Nowadays, they cost around one ringgit each from the super markets.

  3. NCK says:

    Hi, Ngai CO. Night time temperature in Malaysia is about 27°C during hot seasons. Sometimes maybe 28°C. This is within the range of air con temperature setting. The heat that you feel is the residual heat of daytime as you have rightly said. It graces your room amply if your room faces west.

    You can remove the unwelcome warmth by switching on your air con unit for, say, one hour by timer before you sleep. Also switch on your fan at the same time to optimise air circulation, hence the heat exchange. This way, you don’t need to have air con all night and you get to save electricity and help save the world.

    • NCK says:

      Open all windows and room doors to let natural breeze blows through your house and removes as much of the heat as possible before you turn on your air con unit. After the air con is off, let the fan run for another half an hour to fully utilise the cold air in the room before you open your windows and sleep.

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