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  1. Ngai C O says:


    I was actually quite fascinated and told myself that people who subjected themselves to being rammed by a huge log, prodded by a sharp object on the throat or lay on a nail of beds had great powers.

    That was when I was a kid.

    Over the years, more of similar stunts else like pulling a truck, hanging a heavy object tied to the testicles or tied to strands of hair showed up. Women took part too.

    But we are better informed these days to really believe their prowess, just like the travelling snake oil man.

    Certainly, they were entertaining at the time.

  2. C K Leong says:

    Khoo Way Poon certainly looked impressive with a large log of timber ramming into his abdomen.
    Some Kung Fu schools do teach this type of endurance test against trauma to vital areas, attributing to chi training. There are also demonstrations which allow an attacker to kick at the groin area and the one being kicked,smiling.
    However the best was a martial art demonstration by the late Bruce Lee (famous for his one inch punch) where he was challenged by a rather cocky Kung Fu practitioner, to hit him in the stomach area. Bruce accepted but before he execute the punch, slapped the KF chap in the face. Distracted by the slap before the punch, the poor man was seen flying off the stage. After that no one challenged Bruce Lee at his demonstrations. This was reported in a USA Martial Art magazine.

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